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Letters, Sept. 13

Where’s the logic?

Medford’s population continues to grow. New houses are sold before they are even completed, and the traffic on our streets continues to thicken.

So what is our city’s answer to the problem? Change major thoroughfares from four lanes to two, so that we have plenty of room for bicycle lanes! This is insane!

Jim Andrews


Cast the stone

I can support a president who has supported religious freedom more than any of our more recent presidents, including both Bushes. He has supported right to life, and the pro-life agenda better than any other recent president. He is the most pro-conservative judiciary president of recent history.

We wanted someone to shake up the political miscreants in Washington, D.C. That is one reason his is so vilified. He is honorably keeping his election promises. What other politician can match his zeal as he tries to achieve what he pledged during his election campaign?

He is not a perfect man, and his historic character is not someone I would choose to spend time with; he is a fallible man, as we all are, but the media have decided to latch on to his failures, instead of praising or even recognizing his achievements. A friend made this statement when others were being critical of a young lady who was accused of some sexual misdeeds — “They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, ‘All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!’ ” — John 8:7 (NLT)

Gary Spires

Eagle Point

Stars and Stripes

Recently there has been talk about no longer publishing the Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper, published first during the Civil War. Now there is talk that veterans living and dead are losers and suckers, especially Vietnam vets.

I had a desk job in the Army on Okinawa in the ’60s. I spent part of my mornings at my desk drinking Army coffee, eating Army donuts and reading the Stars and Stripes’ weekly list of Vietnam dead. I looked for the names of people I remembered from training.

I saw several. One was a guy named Mello. Barely tall enough to be in the Army, he was a wild man in training, going off base and taking girls from town out to the boonies for a good time. He may have been too wild for his own good, but he was not a loser.

My wife and I deliver meals for Food and Friends. Several of our clients have passed away. At least two, Ed and Robert, were veterans who were exposed to agent orange and had significant health problems, They were not losers. They served. They did their duty.

Steve Bull


Campaign signs defaced

After watching the positive and inspiring Republican Convention, I was motivated to show support by putting up a few campaign signs on my property. Within four days, two signs were stolen and another was defaced.

This is what the opposition does: They violate the law, they steal, they vandalize and they try to silence anyone with differing opinions. It is sad that this type of behavior is condoned and encouraged by so many of our elected representatives as well as most of the media sources.

It must be obvious to them that their ideas and philosophy will not hold up unless they resort to lawlessness, lies and intimidation.

I am confident that Americans will overwhelmingly reject what has been a proven failure throughout history and support the simple, honest values that have made this country great.

Bill Anderberg


Irresponsible commissioners

It is unfortunate that we have county commissioners who think the only reasons to follow the state’s COVID-19 safety requirements are to avoid liability and maintain eligibility for fiscal help.

Their comments and lack of action in enforcing the requirements send tacit approval to those who deny the reality of the virus and resist taking the recommended precautions. If they can’t step up and acknowledge the severity of the crisis, they should be voted out of office.

Steve Martinich

Central Point

To clarify a recent event

I am extremely disappointed in the Mail Tribune’s recent article entitled “Racial justice demonstrators, counter-protesters face off in Rogue River.”

First of all, there was no “face off” because there was no fight/violence. There was, however, clear antagonism and confrontation from the white supremacist and racist “counter-protester” side.

Second, the so called “counter-protesters” at this event were actually white supremacists terrorizing black lives matter protesters. And yes saying “All lives matter” and “blue lives matter” is threatening the lives of BIPOC in our communities.

It’s easy for white people in Rogue River to say “racism isn’t a problem here.” Well, as a white person, I will say racism is a problem here. I am angry and you should be, too. These protests will continue and we refuse to be silenced. Every white person in Southern Oregon should be supporting the Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equity.

Michael Surgeon


Patton revisited

President Trump is pushing nearly a dozen goofy conspiracy theories (many from Qanon) ranging from “Kamala Harris is not a citizen”, “black uniformed thugs on an air plane” and “dark shadow people that you’ve never heard of controlling the puppet, Joe Biden.” Let’s not forget, the virus will just go away. There are others, almost every day.

I recently watched “Patton” again. This time, one scene really stood out. Two German generals were discussing their dire situation as allied forces were closing in. As Hitler orders bizarre troop movements, one general makes the following comment to the other: “You seem perfectly willing to accept this nonsense. Why?” The other general responds, “Because I am not prepared to dispute the Fuhrer.”

When will supposedly responsible, God-fearing, America-loving, fiscally conservative Republicans be prepared to dispute Trump? (No, I’m not calling Trump “the Fuhrer.” I wish you would stop treating him like one.) If and when he loses, how fast will your amnesia set in?

Michael Curtis


Vote for Enriquez

Please vote for Alberto Enriquez for Medford’s 6th District state representative.

He is concerned about the needs of families and children. He will fight for living wage jobs and health care, especially medical care for small-business employees. He has lobbied as a private citizen for both the Oregon Health Plan and the Affordable Care Act.

As for housing families, it is a shame that Kim Wallan, Alberto’s opponent, voted in the June special session to end the eviction and mortgage moratoriums that would extend to Sept. 30 and allow six months to repay those payments. But with fat-cat backers it’s easy to see why she forgets local needs. Alberto, however, knows we are all in this together.

Annie Drager


Don’t be fooled

Today we stand on the door of eternity as the country has turned into Sodom and Gomorrah. I do not know what a young mother thinks when she kisses her husband goodbye as he heads to work in a newly pressed uniform and a shiny badge.

As I read the paper it looks like we are standing on the doorway to hell or the gates to heaven. As I listen to some of the of the mega-church pastors, I think they believe this COVID-19 will blow over and it will be happy days are here again, but the fools walketh in darkness.

Bob Casebier


It’s about Trump

I’m glad Steven Saslow wrote to his unsuspecting readers without the usual rhetoric found in most of the Sunday pieces (from both sides of the political spectrum.)

However, it is unfortunate that he tried to bill himself as unbiased and still undecided about who will get his vote. Ridiculous! Is there any doubt that he is and will be a staunch Trump supporter? Read some of this earlier pieces and some of his speeches. It is not very hard and does not require much intelligence to parse his true feelings out from his words.

He notes that he will have more to say in the coming weeks before the election. Does anyone at Rosebud really think his endorsement will be other than Trump?

His piece was well written and touched on many of the themes that this election will be about. But you simply cannot separate the man from the lack of any semblance of interest in those very themes. Saslow is dead wrong: It is about the man — it is about Trump!

David Glen


Peaceful gathering

If the residents of Rogue River want to project themselves as “diverse” and welcoming, they probably should ask their children to leave their toys and infantile behavior at home next time there’s a peaceful gathering to promote justice for all.

Attempting to drown out speakers by revving up motorcycle and boat engines, and trotting out their “religious” groups to scream their “Christianity” because they’re so fearful of hearing the truth, doesn’t portray a town of “good” people. Leave the sandbox at home, kiddies. And to resident “Lisa,” a news flash: Racism isn’t in the past. — it’s very much alive in the Rogue Valley.

Cynthia Cavanaugh


Here we go again

So here we go again with another Trump supporter (Hubert Smith, Aug. 31) trying to disprove incidents that shine a bad light on their hero as well as troubles within our police forces across the country.

He noted that “only” 10 Black people were killed by police in 2019 (actually, it was 13). None of those killed were “accidental,” as Smith seems to think. African-Americans make up only 13% of the population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans.

Secondly, Smith refers us to a website that supposedly disproves that Trump said that there were white nationalists that are “fine people” after the Charlottesville incident. I guess Smith wasn’t there when Trump held a news briefing shortly after the incident, but I was. He did, indeed, say that “there are fine people, on both sides.” Now it has come to light that Trump has made disparaging remarks about our military soldiers that have been killed in war! Sure am anxious to hear what Trump supporters have to say about that!

Chuck Lacey


To the publisher

Publisher Steven Saslow’s long, rambling, condescending statement in the Aug. 30 Mail Tribune states: “you should know my principles.”

Turns out his principles include:

  • Supporting a possible second term for a president who has no principles, who lies, cheats, commits treason, foments violence, obstructs justice, alienates our allies, befriends dictators and undermines our democracy;
  • Using the Trump/Republican ploy of accusing your perceived enemies (Democrats) of your own crimes (politicizing the judiciary);
  • Encouraging the unfettered capitalism that widens the gap between rich and poor;
  • Repudiating the democratic principle of one person/one vote by keeping the anachronistic Electoral College;
  • Supporting the willful misreading of the Second Amendment that results in nationwide gun violence.

Saslow asks us to “size up each party’s platform,” but the Republican Party did not present one this year. Trump is their platform.

Saslow instructs us, “this time, support whomever is elected president,” ignoring the fact that, even with help from Russia, Facebook, right-wing billionaires, and voter suppression, Trump lost the 2016 election by 3 million votes.

This is not surprising coming from a non-journalist publisher in a business relationship with the notorious right-wing media conglomerate, Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Julia Sommer


Vote yes on Measure 109

The research is in! The FDA declared psilocybin a “breakthrough therapy” for depression. Studies at Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Imperial College London and NYU show psilocybin effective in treating depression, end-of-life anxiety, alcoholism and addiction, often with as little as a single dose.

Measure 109 is a measured approach to legalization of this non-addictive medicine. It establishes a legal framework for the Oregon Health Authority to develop best practices for psilocybin service in licensed centers by 2023. After orientation and administration, providers offer integration sessions to help clients understand their magical experiences with psilocybin mushrooms.

The emphasis is on safety. The measure does not allow retail sales, home use of psilocybin or product marketing. No one wants people driving under the influence. Psilocybin service clients are monitored until sober, then driven home.

Let’s integrate our experiences as Oregonians, recover, and help heal Oregon!

Nicholas Phillips


‘Suckers’ and ‘losers’

Trump calling dead soldiers “suckers” and “losers” is an outrage. This should be on every front page and should finally be the end of Trump’s political career in this country.

Despite his usual denials, anyone who knows Trump, as we all should by now, can see that this kind of name-calling is in his character, totally like him, right on the money. That’s what he does: He says something that reveals his innermost but socially inappropriate beliefs, then when it is exposed, vehemently denies it.

As if he thinks anyone will believe him this time and will continue to support him because “it’s the lying media” or from a “stupid magazine.” And some people actually still do. Wise up, Christians and voters, this man is a dissembler and a thug.

Roberta Bull


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