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Letters, Sept. 14

Commissioners fail to lead

When it comes to the COVID crisis, our Jackson County commissioners continue to stick their heads in the sand and complain about whatever safety measures Gov. Kate Brown implements. It’s obvious that they have no understanding of this health emergency and no plan to deal with it.

Jackson County deserves leaders that are able to listen to, understand and follow advice from scientists and health care professionals. We need commissioners who put the safety of all residents over the short-term benefits for a few.

We can only begin to rebuild our economy when we get this virus under control. None of the three Republicans serving on the commission seem willing to make tough decisions and lead by example. Our commissioners are some of the highest paid county commissioners in the state — earning almost triple the salaries of our Oregon state legislators. It’s high time for them to earn their keep.

Jeanne Chouard


Vote for Kim Thatcher

I had the opportunity to work closely with Kim Thatcher during my time representing Southern Oregon as your state senator. She is incredibly smart, well-balanced, and not afraid to stand up for what she knows is best for our great state.

Maintaining a healthy balance of government should always be at the forefront of our minds, and Oregon is at a critical point this election cycle. I ask voters of all political affiliations to pay close attention to the secretary of state race, which includes Sen. Kim Thatcher and Sen. Shemia Fagan. Knowledge is power, and you have that power in your hands. It’s time the voters embrace the power of individual research during this election cycle.

In honor of former Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, please join me in voting for Sen. Kim Thatcher. She will do a great job for all Oregonians.

Alan DeBoer


Setting the record straight

Talent Planning Commissioners Derek Volkart and Joi Riley have shown a curious interest in some aspects of my personal life, as evidenced by Volkart’s public comments to the Talent City Council at a recent meeting, and Riley’s republishing of those comments on social media.

To set the record straight, I do live in a net-zero home in Ashland constructed by KDA Homes, of which I am very proud. They are wrong, however, when they claimed that I made a promotional video for the company. The client testimonial video I appeared in was for True South Solar, the local renewable energy company that installed the 5.5-kw solar generating system on my house. The system not only supplies the electricity for my home, but also powers the all-electric Chevy Bolt EV in my garage. I encourage Volkart and Riley to join me in my (almost) carbon-free lifestyle.

Sandra Spelliscy


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