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Letters, Sept. 15

Sad and just plain stupid

With all of today’s electronic communication devices it is pathetic and inexcusable that there is no way to get up-to-date, last-minute information on emergency wildfire and other critical life-threatening events.

While wildfires blazed around me and closed roads, I checked the Mail Tribune site and the local TV network news apps and websites, as well as listened for information on local radio stations and found no decent source of information. The only way I had a clue something was wrong was by seeing smoke in the sky. So I guess we are really still reading smoke signals to learn of imminent local danger to life, limb and property; but ain’t it grand that I can text and instantly communicate with someone in China?

Would it really be that hard to establish a designated radio station, app or a web page that carried only emergency, life-threatening, up-to-date information that anyone can tune into in an emergency? Can’t see the forest for the trees, and pretty soon they’ll all be burnt to the ground.

S. Mackler


We have to change

We have seen the pandemic deaths rise when actions were based on the economy rather than on medical science. The results of climate change are equally disastrous when we fail to use science, but instead try to preserve the economy that led to climate change in the first place.

We’ve learned that to stop a pandemic we have to change how we do things. The same is true for the larger disaster of climate change. Substituting renewable energy for fossil fuels will help immensely, but preserving a system that requires continuous growth will only lead us back into exhaustion of resources and more greenhouse gases.

Ken Deveney


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