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Letters, Sept. 16

Phoenix will rebuild

Phoenix was hit with a devastating fire, but the carnage it brought is no match for the strong common spirit of the people who live here. Together, we will get through this. Together, we will not be defeated.

Phoenix will recover and rebuild, emerging from it all as a better community than ever before. Why? Because the “Community of Phoenix, Oregon” represents humanity’s salt of the earth where compassion, strength, resilience and continual growth are concerned.

Our friends, family, and neighbors are suffering horrific loss compiled with excruciating emotional pain. But remember, it’s not what happens to us that defines our community as much as how we deal with adversity where our character shines.

If we can dream it, we can achieve it. Our potential for achievement is limited only by our imagination. Working together we lift one another to higher places than perhaps ever imagined before. The lifting is heavy, but many hands make light work. If you need help, let someone know, and if you get a chance to help someone else, don’t let it go to waste. We survived the fire together, and together we will rise above it.

Terry Baker


The Trump Epidemic

American history books will forever ask the question: How many American lives could have been saved if Donald Trump had not been such a tragic failure in leading America’s response to COVID-19?

In fact, when the historians write about the COVID-19 pandemic in America I imagine they will call it “The Trump Epidemic.”

Dave Garcia


Unsure what was more shocking

I am not sure what shocked me more — the front page news story “Face to Face” Sunday, Aug. 30 regarding the Black Lives Matter incident in Rogue River or the fact that I did not see any responses from members of our community via letters to the editor for an entire week.

I was so appalled after reading the way opponents, apparently two-to-one, responded to the speakers that I didn’t trust myself to write anything even though I am not known for holding back when I see injustice being perpetrated. Of course I am now ashamed of my reticence and give thanks to Maureen Hicks of Ashland who wrote a superb guest opinion in Sunday’s paper Sept. 6 entitled “Is there racism in Southern Oregon?” What a sorry question to have to ask and the answer is even sorrier.

I hope I misread one statement in the original story saying religious groups hemmed in BLM speakers using amplification to drown out any speakers. If that was the intent, it just adds to the horror of this story. Please tell me I got that part wrong!

Barbara Dallas


Bolton’s book illuminating

I just finished reading “The Room Where It Happened” by John Bolton. He is a far-right conservative and proud of it. Despite whatever opinions you may have about Bolton, no one has ever accused him of being a liar.

In his book, he calls Trump a pathological liar and a moron. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who graduated first in his class at West Point, told Bolton that Trump is “a total moron.”

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described Trump as a “total idiot.”

Trump’s former chief of staff, Gen. Kelly, described working for Trump as “the most horrible job I’ve ever had.” Kelly said Trump is “the worst president in our history.”

And these are the people Trump hired.


Pete Toogood


Ashland City Council

Whatever the merits of the policy of “fiscal responsibility” may seem to be, the determination of the ACES alliance to shanghai the Ashland City Council through an affiliation of four candidates with a united and uncompromising agenda is a bad idea. A political bloc such as this would possess sweeping autonomy in all areas of local policy beyond economic theory.

Furthermore, the introduction of political shenanigans despised at a national level seems wholly unproductive when attempted locally, particularly at this time of considerable distress. Indeed, we do not need further controversy, and many among us are obviously exhausted by continual bitterness.

Fortunately, we do not have to vote for a political faction, as other candidates with individual and open-minded perspectives are willing to offer their services. Required is calm, wise representation, considerate of all points of view, that can inspire and strengthen the community towards a better tomorrow.

Julian Hamer


Don’t buy an e-bike

Just read A.J. Klott’s Columnist For A Day piece about getting passed by an e-bike rider/cheater.

My first experience with a passing e-cheater was grinding out a long ride up to Prescott Park at the top of Roxy Ann. This rather rotund individual passed me like I was going the other way. My first thought was that I more out of shape than I thought.

When it happened a week later I took a closer at his bike. Battery! What a weasel. I wondered if he was the least bit embarrassed passing someone that was really making the climb.

To A.J., don’t buy an e-bike. You’ll lose most of the conditioning you’ve worked so hard on building up. Instead, say to yourself, “I’d rather have the dry heaves than ride an e-bike.”

Mike Sowers


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