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Letters, Sept. 17

Ashland City Council

Whatever the merits of the policy of “fiscal responsibility” may seem to be, the determination of the ACES alliance to shanghai the Ashland City Council through an affiliation of four candidates with a united and uncompromising agenda is a bad idea. A political bloc such as this would possess sweeping autonomy in all areas of local policy beyond economic theory.

Furthermore, the introduction of political shenanigans despised at a national level seems wholly unproductive when attempted locally, particularly at this time of considerable distress. Indeed, we do not need further controversy, and many among us are obviously exhausted by continual bitterness.

Fortunately, we do not have to vote for a political faction, as other candidates with individual and open-minded perspectives are willing to offer their services. Required is calm, wise representation, considerate of all points of view, that can inspire and strengthen the community towards a better tomorrow.

Julian Hamer


More, please

I have to admit that the sports section is not the first thing I turn to read.

I realize that this is contrary to the standard male image, but I still retain a strong loyalty to following stories related to the Chicago Cubs since my long-gone days as a graduate student near Chicago. However, stories like “American Samoa Dream” in the Sept. 3 edition of your paper might just make me an inveterate sports reader.

Here was a gripping and personal story about a family of football players, coaches and fans that had me wanting more stories like this. The family’s focus on three important keys to their survival and their success — family, humility and gratitude — should be a lesson to us all in these fractious and contentious times. Please, Sir, can I have some more like this story.

Richard Krieger


Violence is part of us

Violence is in America’s DNA. The initial foundation for America’s wealth was made by enslaving kidnapped Africans for 254 years. It took a violent civil war to end slavery. Public lynchings and mass killings have occurred since. (Rosewood and Tulsa massacres, 1923 and 1921; Emmett Till lynched, 1955.)

Violence characterizes our treatment of Native Americans, involving forced relocations and acts of genocide. In so doing every peace agreement has been abrogated.

Recently we recognized the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima followed by Nagasaki, killing instantly 110,000 and eventually an estimated total of 200,000.

The Vietnam War, both invasions of Iraq and invasion of Afghanistan cannot be justified for national security reasons.

American parents send their children off to school fearing they may not return alive. Sandy Hook happened 18 years ago and nothing has changed.

This is our country’s history and we have yet to confront this part of our national character. This saddens me greatly.

Barry Peckham


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