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Letters, Sept. 18

Finger-pointing doesn’t help

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on social media during the current fire outbreak in our area. I hope that most of us are well-informed enough to realize that there is no simple solution to this problem. People who make comments such as “logging will fix the problem” while ignoring climate change are mistaken.

If you add in overly aggressive fire suppression from federal land management agencies and inadequate funding for fuel reduction and thinning, you can begin to see how complex this issue is. I can only hope that we, along with our elected officials, can do something that will reduce the chances of future catastrophic fires like we’re currently experiencing.

John M. Montgomery


The Dems’ dark purpose

To respond to Gary Collins’ totally inaccurate and obviously prejudiced, uninformed picture of President Trump, I have to say, “Don’t be fooled.” A dark and hateful, resentful and power-hungry element has targeted the vulnerable Democratic Party and is winning.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties have become complacent and naïve about the increasingly oppressive role of government in our lives. Our enemies saw an opportunity to take down America from the inside by morphing the weak, tax-and-spend Democratic Party, which already had socialist leanings, into a radical, hate-America party. These hate-America groups could not do it militarily, but they have been plotting and planning for many years to destroy our great America from the inside.

They first changed our education system, then our health care and legal systems, all while we were not paying attention.

I no longer recognize the Dems and wonder if the decent Democrats I know even realize how their party has degenerated into Darkness: A lawless, racist, hate-filled, resentful, irrational party that promotes only fear.

We can deflect their dark purpose if we support our hard-working, well-meaning, rational Republicans at our local, state and national elections coming up in November. Don’t be fooled. Vote Republican!

Anne Zauner


Terrie Martin for commissioner

First COVID, and now our community is reeling from devastating fires that have destroyed homes and businesses in Talent and Phoenix. We need competent, compassionate leadership on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners now.

That’s why I support Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner. Her family business — D&S Harley-Davidson — survived COVID, only to be burned to the ground in the Almeda fire. Terrie knows from personal experience what local businesses need to rebuild.

She will also advocate for the hundreds of displaced folks who have lost everything and desperately need effective social services and safety-net programs. She will ensure that those who need help the most can get it. Please join me in voting for Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner on Nov. 3.

Carol Brydolf


Tonya Graham for mayor

Please join me in voting for Tonya Graham for mayor. Ashland needs an independent voice in the mayor’s office, not one that is run by “party politics.”

Ashland needs an independent thinker who listens to all sides of an issue, who works well with others and has a collaborative spirit. Tonya works to build community, bring people together and she works to make Ashland a better place for all people.

Ashland needs someone who is present at all times and willing to take on the considerable duties of the mayor’s office. Tonya Graham is an inspiring and forward-thinking person. She walks the talk. Please vote Tonya Graham for mayor!

Dennis Slattery


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