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Letters, Sept. 19

Local radio — so what?

As I sat in gridlock traffic Tuesday afternoon, I, like thousands of Rogue Valley residents, searched for help and guidance, as what to do and where to go, and where not to go, during one of the most tragic events taking place in our area within my 40-year residency.

Communities were burning to the ground, and there was not one single radio station that broke format in order to help and serve Southern Oregon residents during what will surely be noted as one of the decade’s worst events. I’m shocked at the lack of leadership within the local broadcast industry, and the lack of true understanding of what public service is all about. Not one finger was raised to help, or guide — in the hours of need that lay ahead.

Gary Stamps


Thank you, responders!

My heart goes out to the thousands of people whose lives have been impacted by the fires. Although it has been difficult to find up-to-date fire status information, I did find the Jackson County emergency scanner and, through their “chatter,” followed the firefighting activities.

The scanner consisted of nonstop reports of emergencies — hot spots reigniting, trees on fire, fires approaching 10,000-gallon fuel tanks, structures burning, nonstop efforts to evacuate residents, animals to rescue, down power lines, evacuees with car troubles, grass fires, clogged traffic on escape routes, people in wheelchairs needing evacuation, medical emergencies, etc.

I found myself appreciating the knowledge, teamwork and determination of the dispatchers and responders to meet every emergency. I also appreciated the significant amount of preparation, training and logistical coordination that allowed them to maintain a calm, professional attitude in the midst of the chaos. When every second mattered, the responders made difficult split-second decisions on where and how to focus their efforts. They were unable to save all the structures but, from what I could tell, they put up a heroic, well-coordinated battle fighting in dire circumstances.

Thank you to all emergency responders for your brave efforts to save our communities!

Brad Holst

Rogue River

Choose wisely, says Saslow

Steven Saslow, publisher of the Mail Tribune, declares his commitment to unbiased journalism in paragraph 1 of his Aug. 30, Sunday column.

I disagree.

Paragraph 10 — Judicial branch — Look up U.S. Attorney William Barr’s record from his 2019 appointment to today.

Paragraph 15 — Strong, viable military — Really, you think that Democrats do not want our country to be protected? Who has become best friends with Russia?

Paragraph 16 — Right to bear arms — Military should have AR-15s and similar — not my next-door neighbor.

Paragraph 17 — Work unimpeded — no problem, wear a mask and distance yourselves.

Paragraph 19 — Borderless? Democrats believe in human rights. Not pulling innocent children out of their parents’ arms and tossing them in internment camps.

Paragraph 20 — Welfare system — Biased opinion.

Paragraph 21 — Socialism — Affordable health care is a human right. Social Security — a retirement program for seniors. Every day that we work, we pay into these two programs under the payroll tax. Our employers also pay into these programs. The employer’s benefit for this? He or she can pay their employees lower wages.

I for one cannot wait for Saslow to be back in the editorial space before Election Day.

Robin E. Brown


High praise for responders

In our Ashland home in the hills above Quiet Village, I was up all Tuesday night monitoring the police scanner. The heroism and teamwork that I overheard from our firefighters, police, EMTs and other first responders was just tremendous.

As the night wore on I heard, “I don’t have any more resources, but I will try.” Then another would chime in, “I can go.” They saved so many lives! They faced fire that could have taken their own lives. They were courageous and calm and steadfast.

Some of these folks may have lost their own homes that night. We must stand with them now, just as they served and protected us and those we love. This will take time, so let’s dig in for the long haul.

Deltra Ferguson


Wake up!

Now we know from Bob Woodward’s tapes that Trump is indeed a murderer in addition to being a liar, a thief, a cheat and a traitor. He is directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths due to his deliberate and conscious decision to not disclose the truth to the American public, knowing full well in February that COVID-19 was a serious and direct threat and much more infectious than flu.

For Trump, his mindless minions are just marks in his re-election con game. He is only interested in what they can do for him, and by dying, they are useless and “suckers” and “losers,” just as Americans who have died for their country. He considers public service as worthless, because it does not serve him directly.

So how can any American who respects and values public servants vote for this vile piece of filth and his Republican enablers?

Robert Mengis


Speed van is a priority?

At this time of tragedy and unprecedented devastation, does the Medford Police Department have anything better to do than ensure that the traffic enforcement van was hiding, as usual, on McAndrews on Thursday morning?

A large portion of the community are wondering if their home or business is still standing, and where they are going to be living for the next several months, and yet, the Medford Police Department managed to ensure that the enforcement van was out Thursday morning at 0700 collecting revenue!

This is pathetic! I am sure they could find other tasks and duties, such as helping out in the community that is in the midst of tragedy and devastation! Well, we certainly know where the Medford PD focus is!

Christine Matiyow-Hoff


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