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Letters, Sept. 20

We love America

We are so blessed to be citizens of the finest country in this world — one which people are literally dying to enter. Yet we have revolutionaries in our midst who would burn it down and transform it into a socialist mess like Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and China.

These anarchists are using groups like Black Lives Matter as cover to attempt to defund the police and destroy the nuclear family of two parents, especially the Black families. Distinguished Black persons such as Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele and Ward Connerly have written or stated that there is no systemic racism in our country, putting the lie to rhetoric, graffiti, bricks and Molotov cocktails from supposed victims and their fellow travelers. The true victims are the good-hearted people who have been taken in by the BLM Marxist deceit.

Sinister forces have turned our universities, media and even some naïve corporations into progressive bastions where you need a badge of courage to state a conservative opinion.

The bullying and intolerance by the radical left shames the Democratic Party. Thank God we have a president like Donald Trump who loves our country, its people and its magnificent history. MAGA!

Ramona Templin


Unprecedented times

With the challenges of COVID and wildfires, I am thankful that at least in most of the Three Rivers School District we are able to get at least most of our K-3 students back in the classroom. Despite the challenges it is so critical to get these children back to a routine where they can put their thoughts into something other than the worries of the world. It is apparent to me that they are the forgotten.

It is time to open all schools to children in a safe and responsible manner. The risk to our future generation without a normal routine, social-emotional support, and slide in education completely outweigh the risk of COVID if we pursue continued efforts to make schools as safe as possible.

We need to think about the child who is constantly barraged by the constant pressures of adult rhetoric, overhearing the hopelessness their parents face in dealing with day-to-day living, or living in a car at some evacuation site. Our schools can help by providing a break from these pressures.

It’s time to place children over politics and families over pride. Let’s focus on making this the next greatest generation instead of doing irreparable harm.

Rich Halsted, board member, Three Rivers School District

Grants Pass

The phoenix

The phoenix is a mythological creature, a bird, that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with fire and the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Having been a former resident and homeowner in the city of Phoenix, it occurred to me today that the city that I enjoyed so much during my years there is very appropriately named. The city of Phoenix will rise again, I am sure.

I want to send my best wishes and thoughts to all my former friends, neighbors and everyone else in the Phoenix/Talent area that are now suffering so much.

My former residence in the Rose Street area of Phoenix and the small coffee shop that my wife and I ran in Talent are both now just ashes. Fortunately, Phoenix High School, where my youngest son graduated, has been saved,

Once again, I know that Phoenix will rise again. It really may not be just a myth, after all.

Jim O’Neil


Emergency notifications lacking

I just received an advisory on my land line that all of Jackson County is under at least Level 1 evacuation notice (Saturday, Sept. 12). My wife and I traveled to Oregon City and back on Tuesday the 8th. While on the road we received multiple alerts on our cellphones about fires and evacuation notices in the north half of the state.

We have been home now for four full days and this is the first official notice I have received. I have friends in Phoenix who had to evacuate. None of them received any official notice. Some joined the parade of fleeing vehicles, another encountered a roadblock when he unknowingly tried to return home.

Apparently Jackson County has no reliable emergency alert system. Such things cost money but deserve higher priority than many things which have been funded. Hundreds of homes have been burned and lives lost.

Jim Hostick

White City

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