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Letters, Sept. 21

Demand a Green New Deal now

I have lived on the West Coast for nearly 50 years. I have lived in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and now in Oregon.

Never in my life have I experienced fire seasons the way I have in the past five years. There have always been fires during the hot, dry months of summer, but nothing like what we’re experiencing now with entire cities and counties devastated by the destruction from fires.

This is the new normal. Climate change will continue to intensify the danger and power of the fire season. And the clock is ticking on our ability to unwind the inevitable slide into worse and worse outcomes every year. If we fail to act soon, the actions we do take will be too little too late.

The only answer is a massive and sweeping program to convert to a green energy economy that will not pit the environment against jobs, that will lift communities out of poverty, and will create a promising future for our kids and our grandkids.

Please, if you’re living through this fire hellscape, call your members of Congress and demand a Green New Deal.

Sharon Dohrmann


Wildfires and climate crisis

Since the year 2000, we have experienced 19 of the 20 warmest years in recorded history. The vast majority of climate scientists agree on the clear and present danger of our continued use of fossil fuels.

Observing nature’s happenings over the past two decades, it is hard not to realize the certainty of global warming and its likely link to fossil fuel use. The consequences for Earth’s inhabitants are ravaging wildfires, habitat decline, accelerating species extinction and worsening hurricanes and storms.

In this last month Oregon, California and Washington have seen how helpless we are during nature’s cataclysms and how precarious is the habitat we need for healthy and safe living. The sad reality is that even if we started tomorrow (way too belatedly) to strive for carbon neutrality as a society, things would probably worsen for decades longer, leaving our children and grandchildren to pay for our shortsighted and selfish ways.

Trump’s denial of climate crisis alone, among many issues that make our current president incompetent and dangerous, is incomprehensible in view of the mass of scientific data.

Bruce Van Zee


Golf mixed doubles needed

After reading Robert Galvin’s column “The Fourth Wall” in Tempo, I have a suggestion for your sports editor. Please pass on a suggestion to the golf gods of the LPGA and PGA tours. Pro golf should once a year have a mixed doubles tournament consisting of LPGA and PGA’s top players.

Tennis has mixed doubles as a apart of their major tournaments. Pairings and scoring to be determined by a consensus between the players and their governing bodies. The points earned should count on their respective tours.

There would be a lot of kinks to be worked out but nothing insurmountable. The best part of it would be that the gentlemen would be allowed to wear shorts and show off their knobby knees and their gastrocnemii (calf muscles). Manscapinng optional.

Steve Penzes

Central Point

Vote for Terrie Martin

Jackson County needs a county commissioner who is dedicated to exploring the needs of the county, who will be willing to ask the tough questions to make sure county budgets reflect the needs of our entire county.

A vote for Terrie Martin of Phoenix is an important vote for better representation and for more voter input in governance for Jackson County. We need Terrie Martin as Jackson County commissioner, a rural progressive and second-generation local business owner, who will expand the perspective of the county Board of Commissioners, which has been too narrowly focused for too many years.

Join me in voting for Terrie Martin for county commissioner on Nov. 3.

Laura Baden


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