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Letters, Sept. 22

Who is to blame for fires?

It now seems clear that the current wildland and wildlife management policies that affect wildfires are flawed (maybe negligent?) in light of the changing climate combined with a significant decline in America’s native species large herbivores.

Large herbivores such as deer and wild horses have over evolutionary time evolved to control and maintain the grass and brush that is ubiquitous across the landscape. The now prodigious grass and brush that has resulted from a significant decline in our native herbivores is fueling and kindling catastrophic wildfires, makes them abnormally hot, resulting in the incineration of everything in their path.

And as these devastating wildfires burn for weeks and months, the air quality in many areas reaches a hazardous level from extreme particulate concentrations combined with gaseous toxins that are deadly.

During this 2020 wildfire season, the air quality in many areas of California and Oregon (and elsewhere in America) reached levels where people are made seriously ill, while others who are exposed to this deadly air are then preconditioned and made more susceptible to myriad health issues down the road, especially for our children.

Read my letter to the Medford Bureau of Land Management Office: https://www.valuewalk.com/2020/09/wild-horses-removal-wildfire/

William E. Simpson II


Climatic sellout by Dems

While current Democratic leaders may be quick to blame recent tragic events solely on fossil fuels, from Bill Clinton to the present, they apparently have seen nothing amiss in putting the earth in the equivalent of a microwave oven.

So while Elon Musk and his ilk garner fame and fortune launching yet another 40 satellites to irradiate the globe, the rest of the peasants can have the dubious privilege of texting from their toilets. Who knew Americans would sell their lives so cheaply?

Nan Schwarz


Supreme Court is to blame

I blame the Supreme Court in the 2000 election for our current wildfire crisis. By giving that election to the candidate who won the minority of the votes, we lost 20 years of good leadership in conservation and in progress slowing climate change.

Al Gore won the popular vote and was a global leader on dealing with climate change. Remember “An Inconvenient Truth”? He was collaborating with India and major emerging powers in reducing carbon emissions. We have lost all enlightened progress from our former administrations and have raced pell-mell into climate science denial.

I think the deaths of all who are suffering and losing their homes to wildfires should be on the consciences of the Republican Supreme Court justices who denied Al Gore the presidency: Rehnquist, Scalia, O’Connor, (for shame), Kennedy and Thomas.

Thomas is the only one still there, but could the current Supremes vote again to allow the loser to win?

We are not a democracy, but a republic, but still I think all votes should count equally. The Electoral College has long since outlasted its relevance. Every American vote should count equally, not just the “swing” states. Americans should support the National Popular Vote nationwide.

Bonnie Johnson


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