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Letters, Sept. 23

We need a siren

Almost two years ago I emailed the Ashland City Council suggesting a simple answer to a huge problem.

Paradise, California, had just experienced a devastating fire in which about 87 people lost their lives. They had no advance warning. The fire cut their electricity. Cellphones did not worked. They had no notification from sources they trusted.

I suggested that a good old-fashioned air raid siren system to notify those in danger could have saved lives. Now, after Talent and Phoenix have suffered such pain, devastation and panic with many not contacted by the systems they were told would protect them, will communities consider a simple solution — a siren?

In Phoenix, phones and electricity were the first to go off, as they were in Paradise in 2018. Notification was not handled nor available. A loud siren would notify anyone to look and become aware and give the extra few minutes to think and respond. Anyone living on a narrow lane out of an area, as most of us do, needs that extra five minutes.

Please consider a warning siren for all of the valley to be directly notified of danger! This could save our lives.

Barbara Burks


Supporting DuQuenne

For over a decade, I’ve enjoyed working with Gina DuQuenne in community services and as a fellow Rotarian.

Gina assumes responsibility with grace, courage and effectiveness. Her governance experience earned her leadership roles in our Rotary Club.

Gina will bring to City Council the experience, wisdom, creativity and temperament for shared leadership in guiding Ashland through recovery from pandemic, fire and extreme climate impacts. She will promote inclusive community engagement in shaping our city’s future to thrive for all.

She understands interdependencies among strong business, education, arts and culture, health and social services, justice and equity. She listens with an open mind and heart; she is honest, forthright, and gentle; she engages a wide range of talents to get things done; and she is genuine in her warmth and compassion for others.

Elisabeth Zinser


My neighbors

I live in Eagle Point, very close to Shady Cove. I am surrounded by Trump supporters, of which I am not one. But I gotta tell you, it’s hard to give a damn what their politics are when I can’t see their yard signs or flags through the smoke.

I don’t know most of these people, as our homes are not all that close to each other and to be honest up until now I didn’t really care to know them, but they are my neighbors, first and foremost, and I care deeply about them. When the smoke clears I’ll be sure to do what I should have done long ago and let them know just that.

Stephan Smith

Eagle Point

Burned kitten on the front page

What the hell is wrong with you people? People in the valley are traumatized and suffering enough as it is without you putting big pictures of burned kittens on the front page of the Mail Tribune.

What good did you think that would do? Did you think showing more of the suffering would “raise awareness” of an issue we didn’t already know about? A story about the impact the fires have had on pets is newsworthy, but spare us the sensationalist visual aids on the front page.

Joe Planisky

Central Point

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