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Letters, Sept. 24

In God we trust

In God we trust is the foundation of our democracy. Our founders trusted God, and his creation, to be moral beings.

We don’t need external, government control because we are moral people, honest, hard-working, creative and generous.

Many of us are immigrants to this land, yet we share the same core beliefs. We are guided by our morals, not by economic expedience.

We depend on the morals of our leaders. A moral leader would defend these truths to be self-evident.

What can we say about a person who exploits our laws to serve themself, their family and cronies?

Our choice this November is clear. Face the challenges of climate change, inequality, and health care for all, or be mired in denial and blame.

What kind of world will you leave our children?


Tom Espinosa


Terrie Martin has my vote

Terrie Martin would make an excellent county commissioner.

She is already a successful business owner. She does her homework on the many key issues the county is facing during these difficult times. She seeks the facts and listens to diverse inputs on such local challenges as the health effects of COVID-19 on our citizens and the economy, taxes, law enforcement, our homeless and elderly, emergency response and the environment (increasing fires, air pollution, drought conditions).

Terrie really cares about our region and has the courage to contribute her expertise and energy facilitating improvements as county commissioner. Terrie has my vote and support.

Eric Dittmer


Dotterrer for county commissioner

Let me tell you a bit about my friend Dave Dotterrer that suggests how he would approach the responsibilities of a Jackson County commissioner.

Not only did he reach the rank of colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, but he was chosen as the military assistant to the secretary of the Navy. After retiring he served three terms on the Ashland Planning Commission, chaired the Jackson County Veterans Advisory Committee, was president of his Rotary Club, worked about 10 years on the Toys for Tots campaign and was a budget analyst for the Oregon Legislature. He now serves on the Ashland YMCA Board of Directors and chairs both the Rogue Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster and Logos Public Charter School boards.

This record of success across a substantial number of very different responsibilities tells me that he is the best candidate for Jackson County commissioner.

John Howard


Angry at Trump’s disrespect

I am very angry with President Trump’s ignorance and disrespect of the military.

In World War II, my uncle was shot down over Europe; he had taken the place of an AWOL soldier. He was never found.

When I heard about what lies the draft dodger said it was too much, and his refusal to do or say anything on the bounties on our servicemen and women.

I am angry for the Gold Star families and for the many veterans’ families. To honor them and the members of the military past and present we have to vote him out of the office he does not deserve to be in.

I am angry for every veteran buried in our National Cemeteries and in foreign cemeteries. There is not a “sucker” or “loser” there. The sense of honor and respect that surrounds you there obviously is beyond his ability to understand.

Patricia Hebb, retired U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class


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