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Letters, Sept. 25

Set up FEMA trailers

Let’s get FEMA to put trailers in pronto to house homeless fire victims from Phoenix, Talent, etc.

The trailers could be set up at Jackson County Expo. Let’s get this going!

These folks have lost their homes and everything. Many lived in trailer parks and apartments. Many are hard-working folks that work diligently all over our valley doing services we depend upon. Many are elderly and now too old to work.

Let’s advocate and make this happen now!

Elizabeth Hayes


Emergency channel needed

I would like to second the letter form S. Mackler of Jacksonville on Sept. 15. It was very frustrating and scary to not be able to get information during the Almeda fire!

I agree there should be a radio station dedicated to sending out info during a crisis. We could not get current info, as S. Mackler shared. We had to rely on friends who live high up in Talent to tell us what they saw going on in the valley! They watched Talent burn and also helped us to stay safe!

We need an emergency radio channel.

W.D. Sherman


What will it take?

What will it take for otherwise intelligent, thinking people to acknowledge that Trump is not interested in anything or anyone other than himself and improving his own financial situation?

Some wish to protect the unborn at the cost of our nation’s economic health, ignoring the fact that they needn’t have an abortion. They’re willing to prevent the victim of rape or incest (real crimes) from having one, wanting them to carry the product of crime/sin for nine months!

We all know he lies consistently. How can a follower of any religion support his immorality?

As to operating above one’s pay grade — he childishly denigrates anyone supporting truths he doesn’t want. Good leaders listen to and respect those who are knowledgeable, and consider opposing ideas in achieving reasoned, collaborative decisions.

We really need a leader who recognizes global warming as our new reality — not reducing forest fires by raking leaves.

Kathleen Heritage


Emergency alerts

S. Mackler hit the nail on the head with her letter Tuesday. I, too, spent frustrating hours watching TV programs I didn’t want to watch hoping that a streaming banner would show up telling me what to do next.

What about a dedicated Jackson County TV channel for emergencies only? Is that possible? Wouldn’t that be a great help for us when an earthquake hits and people are desperate for instructions?

Robert Shepard


Thanks for Panther Pride Trail

We’ve been going through a lot lately, and sometimes it just helps to let others know how much we appreciate what they’ve done for our community.

The Panther Pride Trail at Bear Creek Park has been lately maintained, improved and lengthened by our young people even throughout this lousy summer we’ve been having. A big thank you to Taylor and all the others who make the park better for all of us, and for future generations.

Mary Ann Price


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