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Letters, Sept. 26

Cohen and Trump

I just finished reading Michael Cohen’s book, “Disloyal,” about his years as Trump’s fixer. I had to take a long shower afterward. I may still need an exorcism to rid myself of the disgust I feel about both Trump and Cohen.

These people, and several others in TrumpWorld (Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, et al.) are so used to lying, cheating, lawbreaking, disrespecting and bullying that these are normal behaviors for them. Their behavior violates the precepts of decency, fair play, honest talk, straight answers and respect for others that most Oregonians value above loyalty to any political party.

I hope I am proven right on election day, the day that we can all begin to exorcise these demons from American politics and restore America’s good reputation around the world.

Joe Strahl

Gold Hill

Martin for commissioner

It’s time to elect a new commissioner to bring balance and greater diligence to the three-person board whose decisions impact our lives.

Terrie Martin grew up on a farm outside Talent, where her parents still live. The Harley-Davidson dealership on Highway 99, destroyed last week in the Almeda fire, was her family business. For years, her parents worked nights cleaning offices to keep it going.

Terrie graduated from Southern Oregon College, then joined the Mail Tribune. Over 13 years, her interviews featured the stories of the less visible: farmers; ranchers; immigrant workers; those challenged by poverty, disability, or abuse. She went on to teach journalism at SOU.

The current board is unsympathetic to the day-to-day problems faced by our friends, families and neighbors. They dismiss COVID-19 issues; they propose $170 million (increasing property taxes) for a new jail. With her fresh perspective and energy, Terrie Martin will have our backs.

Molly Tinsley


Two observations

Two things. First off, Anne Zauner’s jaw-dropping Sept. 18 letter in the Mail Tribune: Many readers (e.g., those who don’t drink gallons of the Trump/Fox Kool-Aid daily) might agree with much of her letter, but only if she had switched around her use of the words “Republican” and “Democrat.” That is, if she had instead written that much of the (in my own opinion, formerly decent and thoughtful form of moderate conservatism once espoused by many in yesterday’s) Republican Party has indeed — her words in quotes follow here — “degenerated into a lawless, hate-filled, resentful, irrational” imposter GOP.

Secondly, now writing as a fairly new Talent resident (profoundly grateful that our home escaped the flames): As Talent and Phoenix start to rebuild, it will be important for citizens to be vigilant that the process does not result in lessening our towns’ current ethnic and economic-income diversity. In other words, that purchase and development of burned properties does not transform these affordable communities into gentrified towns, like Ashland steadily became during the 50 years I lived there. Some might respond with the sacred cry of “Let the market decide!” A real community is much more than that.

Jeff LaLande


Sitting at home

Respecting the heavy smoke outside, many of us spend a lot of time sitting at home.

Of course, we can do many things while sitting. But the body likes change. So, after an hour or so, I get up to walk the 15 steps from my kitchen window to the front door.

Touching the sink, I count “one,” touching the door, I count “two,” etc. It gets boring to count to 10 only in English, so I switch to another language. If you’re not into foreign languages, try improvised counting of something in your line of interest, or work. Or, name a different bird each time you do the touching.

These little treats will help keep our bodies happier, and maybe even keep a few cobwebs off our brains, while we’re confining ourselves. Hasta luego, amigas.

Carola Lacy


Dotterrer for commissioner

Who better for county commissioner than someone whose experience includes high-level Washington assignments as assistant to the secretary of the Navy that required diplomatic and negotiating skills?

Who better than the chairman of a Medford charter school and past member of the Ashland City Planning Commission, and membership on the Ashland YMCA Board of Directors? Who able to understand the county budget than someone once responsible for developing the U.S. Marine Corps budget, administering the multi-million-dollar Marine barracks budget, and experience working for the Oregon Legislature on the state budget? And all this experience and ability is found in a single county commissioner candidate, Dave Dotterrer.

Richard Robertson


Reasons to vote for Martin

Here are reasons to elect Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner.

Check her website “Terrie Martin for Jackson County Commissioner.” She tells you about herself, her Southern Oregon roots and personal and professional experiences up to the present. She knows the valley and the constituencies first hand. She will represent all of us, those who have and those who don’t.

Watch her interview with the Mail Tribune where she responds to questions about COVID-19, the LNG pipeline, hemp growers, land use and the importance of leadership that casts a wide net. Her position on the proposed jail and her reasons for opposing it line up well with the majority of voters.

We are fortunate Terrie has stepped forward to run. Her experiences have been here, and she shows the dedication to improving the quality of life for all that we need. Vote Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner.

Steve Haskell


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