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Letters, Sept. 28

Ethics are universal

The pattern defending Trump is predictable.

First, blame everything on Democrats. Then go on to make excuses for Trump: Trump’s 20,000 lies are called “careless honesty.” “I will hold my nose and vote again for Trump.” The excuses go on, because they like his policies.

Policies shmolicies. We are at a crossroads: Our humanity and ethics are at stake. Trump daily inflames each and every person in our country. His supporters are the angriest. Trump has turned Americans against each other. Think of what it would be like for one day to not talk about, be harassed, or defend Trump. It would be peaceful and we could begin healing as a nation.

Trump’s negative behavior has put a pall over our country. He’s only running to stay out of a mess of lawsuits. Someone voting for him cannot hold their nose, the stench will never come off.

K. Lambie


Do as you say

Tonya Graham ran for City Council in 2018 saying she wanted Ashland to live within its means. Instead, she has voted to raise taxes, city staff compensation, utility bills, surcharges and fees. In fact, Graham was the city’s number one supporter/promoter of a new tax to rebuild City Hall, which was overwhelmingly defeated by 70%.

It’s been too easy to run for office on a platform of good fiscal stewardship and then do the opposite once elected. Julie Akins signed the ACES Economic Sustainability Pledge which formalizes the fiscal and economic promises made to us Ashland voters. It ensures prioritized spending, no new taxes and diversifying Ashland’s economy.

Julie signed the pledge because she’s willing to be accountable for what she says. Councilor Graham did not. Our city can no longer afford to reelect people who don’t do as they say. Vote for Julie Akins for mayor.

Ken Wilson


Vote for Terrie Martin

I have lived in the Rogue Valley now for 36 years. In that time I have realized the importance the job of county commissioner.

We are very lucky this coming election to have a great candidate, Terrie Martin. She is a longtime resident of our community and small-business owner.

I personally got to know her the last few years and was impressed with her ability to communicate well with all types of people. She will work very hard to improve the availability of medical help and testing for COVID-19. She is also very aware of the need for fire prevention in our dry mountain community. She will work to get better alarm systems in place and supports proper forest management.

We have a great opportunity to vote in a very bright, business-minded woman in Terrie Martin, running for Jackson County commissioner Position2.

Rosalind Schrodt


Supporting Dotterrer

We are fortunate in Jackson County to have good people with deep Oregon roots running for Jackson County commissioner. The crucial difference is Dave Dotterrer’s breadth and depth of complex, multi-million dollar federal and state budgets that dwarf that of the county in amount and complexity.

Dave served on the Ashland City Planning Commission and the YMCA Board of Directors. He is chairman of a charter school board, which has made him directly involved in how to proceed in the face of COVID-19. He chaired the committee to coordinate disaster responders in Jackson County which, as KDRV recognized during a Sept. 14 news report, has been active connecting those in need with volunteers looking to help in the wildfire crises.

All this and more make him the stronger of the candidates for Jackson County commissioner.

Don Paul


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