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Letters, Sept. 29

Why don’t they clean up?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the transient/homeless population would just pick up after themselves?

The city provides numerous trash receptacles along the bike path, Hawthorne Park and Eastwood Cemetery. I see city maintenance crews, daily, emptying these receptacles. In every one of these locations there is trash dumped within 6 feet of them.

Seriously? I don’t think this is about addiction or mental health. Some just don’t want to make an effort.

Rene Forncrook


Taking care of the Greenway

Seems simple to me, either we take care of the Greenway, or Mother Nature will.

J. Miller


Drinking Kool-Aid

The Washington Post editorial reprinted in the Tribune claimed that confidence in vaccines has been eroded by a “vociferous anti-vaccination movement.” Not true! Heidi Larson, Ph.D., director of the Vaccine Confidence Project, says the biggest factor in vaccine hesitancy is vaccine safety.

She points out at the recent WHO Vaccine Safety Summit that “doctors and nurses are “very wobbly” and “starting to question the safety of vaccines,” and it’s a “huge problem.” In fact, “doctors don’t have confidence in vaccine safety to stand up to mothers asking questions.”

It is the vaccine science or lack thereof that has eroded the public’s vaccine confidence. As Larson points out: “There is a lot of safety science needed; “they can’t keep repurposing old science that isn’t relevant” to the safety questions parents are asking.

Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure using imperfect products, inadequately studied, manufactured by an industry notorious for its greed, fraud, deception, lies,and prolific marketing, whether they are pushing Vioxx or vaccines. The only difference between the two is that vaccine manufacturers cannot be held accountable for their injuries and deaths.

Post editors should stop drinking their Kool-Aid long enough to read the science. The vociferous have.

Michael Framson


Vote out Trump

I have low expectations for a Biden administration. But there could be one important change for the better in a Biden administration.

We know that Trump not only recognized the danger of coronavirus, but hid it. He fumbled all possible responses and got in the way of anyone trying to solve the problem.

Today he spends his time contradicting the head of his CDC, who says “Masks are the most important control tool, and a vaccine will be available in the later half of 2021,” He refuses to wear a mask himself, and holds non-distanced rallies against public health advice.

Biden, by comparison, has assembled a team of public health specialists and is working up a plan to be implemented on day one. And I can credibly believe that “Sleepy Joe” will at least stay out of their way.

If you want a post-virus life ASAP, vote out Trump.

Steve Soar


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