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Letters, Oct. 5

Supporting Marcotulli

We are writing to endorse Kelly Marcotulli for Ashland City Council.

We’ve known Kelly for over 2 1/2 years. She is one of the most compassionate, motivated and dynamic people we’ve ever known. Kelly Marcotulli cares deeply about Ashland, its future health and vibrancy. Her activism through the organization she created, Oregon for Safer Technology, has helped educate our citizens about the dangers of WiFi radiation and recently defeated a plan by AT&T to erect an unsightly toxic cell tower adjacent to the SOU football field, as well as the Head Start facility for young children and other nearby academic institutions.

She’s been tireless in her advocacy for a safe, pristine Ashland for all its citizens and tourists to enjoy. We strongly support Kelly Marcotulli for City Council, as we desperately need her powerful leadership qualities now more than ever as our unique city faces unprecedented challenges ahead.

Robert and Denise Allen


Vote for Akins

Tired of the rising costs and spend-spend-spend mentality of Ashland’s current mayor and governance? Then I urge you to vote for Julie Akins for mayor.

Akins is committed to fiscal responsibility and accounting, as well as transparency. Along with 70% of Ashland’s voters, she opposed the recent City Hall bond (which her opponent strongly supported). I suggest you visit her website, julieakins.com (blog/on the record, how I voted), to see for yourself what her record is versus her opponent.

Akins also opposed raising garbage and utility rates; her opponent voted in favor. If you want positive change here in Ashland, then vote for Julie Akins for mayor!

Susanne Severeid


State of affairs

I live in the United States of America, a proud Oregonian of some 80-plus years, many of those as a teacher and a coach. Lately I have realized that our lives are about to change; something terrible has invaded our nation. I can’t justify this change. We have become a nation on the verge of losing our collective minds.

For examples:

If a guy pretends to be a woman, we are required to pretend with him.

People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their degrees.

Spending $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not.

We see other countries going to socialism and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan for us.

Criminals are caught and released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it’s a violation of their rights.

The most egregious is the murder of 62 million Americans before their first breath.

Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility.

Let’s not forget these sacred words: “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all!” For all.

Jay Quimby


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