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Letters, Oct. 7

Thanks to public employees

As a person who had to travel from one end of the Rogue Valley to the other on that tragic Tuesday, I would like to publicly thank the Oregon Department of Transportation and city transportation crews and other workers (for all I know) who directed traffic, managed roadblocks and otherwise expedited safe vehicular flow during that chaotic, stressful day.

I have a renewed appreciation for our collective dependence on competent, well-trained and committed public workers.

Jim Hatton


$3.8 million won’t buy a brick

The City of Medford’s solicitation RFQ 20-202 MPRD for architectural and engineering “services” for the proposed sports and events complex at a cost to the tax/fee payers of $3.8 million won’t even buy a single brick — although $3.8 million could go a long way to replace Jackson Pool, which has provided experiences and memories for the community for over 50 years.

City leadership should not be catering to Travel Medford and the Chamber to build a $60 million events warehouse that would be better left to private enterprise. The public’s money garnered from taxes and fees should be spent wisely for the benefit of the community. Still not drinking from the “crock of pool-aid” in Medford.

Bob Shand


News is filtered

On Sept. 5 the Mail Tribune printed an article under the headline “Biden slams Trump for comments,” which reported that the president had mocked American war dead.

The article contained a short paragraph saying the report in The Atlantic magazine (based on anonymous sources) was false according to the president and his allies. No names of these allies were mentioned in the article, but they included former Chief of Staff John Kelly, former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and former National Security Adviser John Bolton. These individuals all said they never heard the president make such a statement, and John Bolton went so far as to state that if he had heard it that it would have been a whole chapter in his book.

In my opinion, this article shows just how badly the news is filtered in the Mail Tribune. Such distorted coverage doesn’t serve all of the readers, especially those who may have different political leanings from the editorial staff. If the Mail Tribune is making an attempt to be unbiased or fair and balanced it is failing.

Gail Martin


A bad war Indeed

Megan Mcardle’s Sept. 22 column entitled “There are no winners in the high court wars” is true.

President Trump has appointed a conservative to replace liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Joe Biden will likely win the presidency, and Democrats will likely gain a majority in the Senate. If these likely occurrences do happen, it is also likely that the Democratic majorities will wage a battle to upset the 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Mcardle writes that these events will “turn our highest court into an explicitly political superlegislature that will lack the democratic legitimacy to (do) so much as stay an execution, eviscerating the court’s power and function rather than ceding it to enemy hands.” This all might happen.

With less than 43 days before Nov. 3, who could pretend to be shocked by this move to pack the high court? Congressional Republicans have given Trump a green light to do whatever he chooses. This court appointment will be just one more divisive decision rubber-stamped by Mitch McConnell.

All wars are bad, but there are always profiteers who collect short-term gains at the expense of everyone else.

Tom Austin


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