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Letters, Oct. 8

Lack of fire readiness

I have read the reports about the awful fires, the damage and the efforts of our understaffed and under-equipped fire fighters. What is missing are two areas of concern: Why were we so unprepared and why aren’t we adequately preparing for next year and beyond?

We are fortunate to have hundreds of qualified bulldozer operators. They should be trained and paid to serve as seasonal emergency firefighters, to establish the fire lines that keep fires from spreading. Certainly 25 to 50 dozers county-wide were/are needed.

New water sources must be established for firefighting use. Hundreds of part-time firefighters must be trained and paid to stand by for fire emergencies.

Expensive? Yes, but peanuts compared to the cost of the recent fires.

How to finance the preparedness cost? I suggest a 20% fire insurance fee, collected by the insurance companies and transferred to the agency in charge of emergency fire safety. That expense should avert a 20%, or higher increase in premiums by insurers because of the current lack of fire emergency preparedness.

John M. Moore

Eagle Point

Trump’s choice

In the event of a tie or a too-close-to-call election, the insecure narcissist in the White House has threatened, once again, to take it to the court system. This has always been his “norm.”

Thus, as it seems, there is an overriding push to seat a new conservative Supreme Court jurist to stack the court in his favor, in case of that supposed tie.

My belief is perhaps the person of choice should recuse themselves so as not to appear to have a bias. It would be sad to be that person, knowing that was the main reason I was chosen.

I’m trying to have a little faith in our systems. Many times it is extremely difficult.

Marcia Linstrum

Grants Pass

PAC control is a bad idea

Ashland ACES would like to control the City Council of Ashland. Turning one’s city council over to a local PAC (political action committee) is a really bad idea. Voting blocks do not always work for “the greater good.” They usually are more interested in the “goods” as perceived by their members. In a small town it would amount to giving control of local government to a nongovernmental organization.

I believe everyone’s interests are better represented by supporting a city council composed of members with multiple points of view and who know how to work for consensus. Fiscal responsibility means voting to spend money wisely, not simply refusing to spend. Please look at all the candidates, evaluate what they are saying and make your own choices. Vote for the candidates you think will govern for all the citizens, businesses and organizations of Ashland.

Mary-Kay Michelsen


Endorsing Kelly Marcotulli

I am endorsing Kelly Marcotulli for Ashland City Council. She has the enthusiasm and tenacity to help Ashland and its neighbors recover from the most catastrophic event to occur in Oregon’s history.

Her research and decision-making skills will aid Ashland in continuing to be nationally recognized hub of innovation, regrowth and recovery. I have known and worked with Kelly for years and in those years she has proven to be genuinely dedicated, inspiring, kind, motivated and intelligent.

She works through challenges and invites input from other interested parties, considering all points of view, before reaching a prudent choice. She stands up for what she believes in, listens to others, and pushes for changes where they are needed.

I fully support Kelly Marcotulli’s candidacy for Ashland City Council.

Paul Sheldon


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