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Letters, Oct. 9

A good reason to vote for Martin

The Almeda Fire was the most devastating my husband and I have seen since moving here in 1987. Some of our friends lost their homes; one lost her family’s business of 50 years — D&S Harley-Davidson.

That friend is Terrie Martin, who’s running for Jackson County commissioner. When she heard from over 100 locals that they lacked the information needed to evacuate early and safely, Terrie promised to investigate our emergency notification system and make sure critical information is there for everyone next time.

I know without a doubt, Terrie will keep that promise! As an award-winning journalist, she’s highly skilled at asking strategic questions that lead the way to real solutions. She also cares deeply about people and will work tirelessly on our behalf.

Her response to the fire isn’t the only reason to vote for Terrie Martin, but it’s one we can all appreciate — especially at this time.

Rita Grauer


Endorsing Akins

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Julie Akins for the position of Ashland mayor.

I’ve studied the candidates’ vitae and have determined that Akins is the best qualified candidate to fill this very important role. We’ve all experienced recent crisis (emotional as well as literal), and it is imperative that we can rely on the skill set that Julie will bring to this office. She has requisite governmental experience and well as creative, investigative proficiency in order to seek and implement solutions to the critical challenges Ashland currently faces.

Julie Akins is not shy about standing up to dissent from differing power sources. She’s transparent and realistic — while open to “thinking outside the box.” A vote for Julie Akins is a vote for change and Ashland needs that change — now.

Vicki Bamman


County commissioner qualities

I have had the pleasure over the past 10 years of joining twice monthly with Dave Dotterrer and four or five others who come together to discuss the principles underlying public policy. We arrived with widely different political perspectives (conservative, libertarian, progressive), and by and large still hold them, though in refined form.

As we grew to know each other, we learned how to examine opposing viewpoints with respect and understanding. Dave is a master at this. He is able to synthesize a workable policy incorporating the best parts of each initial position. He also has boundless energy and a calling to serve.

I can’t imagine a person better suited to perform both the policy and management responsibilities of county commissioner.

John Ames


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