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Letters, Oct. 10


A synonym for party is cult. Political parties are cults. The Republican cult advocates fascism opposing cults call Trumpism.

Trumpism considers the U.S. government and presidency belonging solely to Trump for Trump’s personal gain, the laws and Constitution to be perverted to favor Trump’s delusions. Under Trumpism, honesty, ethical norms and laws unfavorable to Trump are to be ignored and/or broken. Lies and hypocrisy are the norm. Trumpism’s permanent deferral of the Social Security Tax eliminates Social Security and Medicare for the elderly. Trumpism’s 2017 tax reform eliminates all middle-class tax deductions in 2025. Trumpism eliminates the Affordable Care Act without replacing it. Under Trumpism, elections, Congress and the Supreme Court are under Trumpism control. All who oppose Trumpism are converted using coercion, chaos, violence or killed as necessary. Trumpism is against America, American principles, oneself, the Constitution, liberty and justice. Cult Trumpism: the most dangerous threat to America today.

Randall Hale


Vote for Terrie Martin

Terrie Martin, a candidate for Jackson County commissioner, knows our community well from having worked as a reporter for 13 years at the Mail Tribune. Terrie also has the experience of a small-business owner, as part of the Harley-Davidson family business. Unfortunately she lost her business to the fires, as so many others have in our community.

I’ve been impressed with Terrie’s commitment to implementing solutions that have worked well elsewhere, such as the CAHOOTS program in Eugene. This 30-year-old program has resulted in approximately 20% of 911 calls regarding mental health or substance abuse going to a trained crisis support team rather than to the police. We need someone who will help lead our county to a public safety approach that has the right trained professionals handling calls. Please join me in voting for Terrie Martin.

Adrienne Simmons



There is a line in Coriolanus by William Shakespeare where a First Citizen speaks: “He hath faults with surplus, to tire in repetition.”

Wonder why it caused me to think of Donald Trump.

Harry Hutton

Central Point

What’s it really about?

Is the discussion dominating our society today really about racial disparity and injustice, or is it something else? From my perspective, a sharp demarcation line has been drawn, not between races, but between social classes with starkly different world views.

Most distressingly, on the one side we seem to have a group of people, often white, highly educated, affluent and, to use their word, “privileged.” These are people who seem to hate this country, to the point that they tolerate — even advocate — physical violence. These individuals seem to loathe our country’s institutions, historical achievements, and — it appears — the country itself.

On the other side, again from my perception, are people who love the country despite its flaws and historical wrong turns. These people are law abiding and respect and honor the police — once again, despite the mistakes of individual police officers.

Are we really willing to allow ourselves to be led down a path of violence, intimidation, and destruction? Or will we stand up for ourselves and choose a positive path of courage, freedom and self respect?

Greg Jeffries


Independent thinkers

Voters do not need a slate of local candidates “signing on” to the agenda of a group, such as ACES in Ashland. The concept bespeaks a cult or political party.

We prefer independent thinkers with an open mind to all points of view.

Ben Benjamin


Please register and vote

The League of Women Voters of the Rogue Valley wants to encourage all eligible voters (18 years old, Oregon citizen) to register by Oct. 13 in order to vote in the Nov. 3 election. Ballots are mailed on or before Oct. 16th and Voters Guides before Oct. 14.

Voters who have been displaced by fires should read special instructions on the Jackson County Elections web page https://jacksoncountyor.org/clerk/Elections/Elections-Office/information-for-jackson-county-voters-displaced-by-wildfires and update their registration online. Mail can be collected at the post office in your community, and paper registration forms will be at the Multi-Agency Resource Center at Central Medford High School, 815 S. Oakdale Ave., Medford.

The elections office welcomes new registrants the week of Oct. 5 with their driver’s licenses or other ID. The League offers a nonpartisan information website which describes the ballot for your community at Vote411.org. Please vote!

Margie Peterson, Ashland and Kathleen Donham, Medford

League of Women Voters Rogue Valley

Martin for commissioner

Terrie Martin cares about the safety of all Jackson County citizens. She has a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan for the next time wildfires strike. She plans to implement a universal alert system, which will reach all landlines, cellphones, local TV and radio stations, for reliable up-to-the-minute disaster and evacuation alerts.

She is also a proponent of promoting public health guidelines regarding COVID-19, as well as ensuring that essential county workers are provided with the personal protective equipment that they need. Equally important, she is a strong advocate for helping small businesses and individuals who find themselves in financial hardship because of COVID-19 and the wildfires.

Fiscally prudent, Terrie opposes the proposed $66 million tax hike for a new county jail. Instead, she proposes ensuring that our current jails are safe and adequate, and addressing the root causes of crime in our community.

Tiffany Fletcher


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