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Letters, Oct. 11

Traffic recommendations

1. All school zones in Oregon should have a blinking light on the school zone sign when students and faculty are using the school zone areas.

Traffic has increased exponentially in the state, and there are so many signs to read, and now it’s hard to know when a school is in session, especially since signs are up year-round. It’s easy to disregard them. It’s a safety issue for all traffic using the area and help to motorists.

2. There should be a four-way stop on Fifth Street and California Street / South Stage Road in Jacksonville. When traffic enters Jacksonville from Medford, it’s often hard to get through that intersection safely, and many people unfamiliar with the area don’t expect traffic not to give way (I know there is a sign). It’s both a safety issue and a courtesy issue.

Margaret Myers



Trump is doing his best to create doubt and chaos before the voting this November. Dismantling post office machines to slow mail delivery and spreading false claims about illegitimate ballots is frightening people. Trump wants to discourage you from your legal right to vote because he thinks it will help him win. Do not let him do thls to you!

Oregon has established the security of its mail-in ballots for many years. The most important thing that each of us can do is be registered to vote and vote on time. Registration can be done online, or obtain a form at any post office, library or the DMV. Oct. 13 is the cut-off date to do this. Ballot drop boxes are at all the libraries or use the U.S. mail. Encourage all your friends and neighbors to vote and not be intimidated. And let’s defeat Trump.

Traute Moore


So you hate Trump

This election is like no other. It’s not about you or me. It’s about America. It’s about taking a new restructured road or taking the same road and improving the landscape.

Let’s assume you hate Trump, you can’t stand the man and you will never vote for him no matter what I say. If that’s the case don’t vote for him, vote for the system of government he represents. That system is capitalism, not socialism, and it’s based on freedom.

It’s simple folks. The Republicans protect your freedom of choice. Democrats think they need to choose for you. Nancy, Joe, and Chuck think they know what is right for you. Democrats are not after freedom. They’re after your freedom of choice.

When in doubt, vote for freedom. The USA is not perfect but it’s better than anything anyone else has ever tried before.

Larry Nathan


Vote for Alberto Enriquez

I have known Alberto Enriquez for over a decade. He has been active in working for affordable health care for all as far back as I can remember.

As person whose family had very little when he was growing up, he understands the importance of jobs and housing. He will fight for keeping working families in their homes and having access to health care, especially during a pandemic. Alberto believes in the importance of a healthy community and will be the right person to represent Medford at the state level by working to expand existing clean, living-wage jobs in industries such as health care and agriculture as we struggle to deal with the impacts of the pandemic and the nearby fires.

Join me in voting for Alberto Enriquez for Oregon State Representative for House District 6. More information at Alberto4Medford.com.

Sue Fthenakis


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