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Letters, Oct. 12

Meter the sports park lights

I live in Skyline Plaza overlooking the municipal ball and soccer fields, which are lighted at night whether raining, clear or smoky, and usually unoccupied. I do not know how many hours this is the case, but it must be many and expensive in electricity costs. There are six soccer fields and two ball parks.

I suggest that these facilities be metered for set times. Since these facilities are used at night by mostly adults, these meters should charge the sole beneficiary users by either coin or credit card, as some parking meters and lots do in larger cities.

Yes, I am a scrounge who can no longer run the bases, and they are meticulously constructed facilities deserving more use.

Malcolm MacNair


Supporting Dotterrer

I have worked with Dave Dotterrer on education issues for several years. I find him to be thoughtful, caring, principled, transparent and capable.

He understands tactical action and strategic thinking. He is an excellent role model for students. I also believe he has the internal fortitude to provide appropriate support for our law enforcement officers.

Dave has my endorsement for Jackson County commissioner.

Jim Horner, director, Medford School District


MAGA bucks

A 1959 $3 Barbie Doll may fetch $27,450 today.

A 1964 $4 GI Joe action figure could get you a return of 125,000%.

Your $3.95 1975 pet rock commands as much as 50 bucks on Ebay.

The pink 1969 Hot Wheels Microbus in the attic is valued the same as that boat/motor/pickup of your dreams.

At the MAGA store, a 3-by-5-foot flag, two pint glasses, two freedom hats, two dog collars and a “Babies for Trump” onesie goes for a total of only $183 ( shipping extra).

It boggles the mind to estimate the future value of “The Chosen One” merchandise on the open market.

Please note: The White City Rogue Transfer and Recycling Center will accept 1.5 cubic yards of that type of waste for only $19.80.

Money better spent, indeed.

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

Vaccine quotes out of context

I was a bit surprised to encounter a reference to Heidi Larson, director of the Vaccine Confidence Project, in a letter to the editor promoting the notion that vaccines are not safe. This was presented as truthfully representing Larson’s point of view as expressed at the 2019 Global Vaccine Safety Summit.

To refresh my memory, I verified that the selected quotes were indeed taken out of context.

At no time did Heidi Larson say vaccines are not safe. She did say we need to be nicer in the way we say that you should really get life-saving vaccines. Rather than promoting anti-vaccination, Heidi Larson’s message is more “look out for” scammers pretending vaccines are not safe. But she would say that more nicely.

The bottom line is that we (scientists) deal with risk using methodical analysis (logic, reason, scientific) while others (general public) deal with risk using feelings (fast, instinctive, emotional) or perhaps as a component of politics. We professionals live this nightmare daily, so what are we to do?

Robert I. Price


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