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Letters, Oct. 13

A new distraction

Last month, Trump had a new distraction: the death of a true icon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Justice Ginsburg was a woman who broke the glass ceiling for women, fought numerous cancer battles, a trail blazer and someone who assumed power with humility and disagreed, respectfully. Yet, less than two hours after her death, disrespectfully, the political fighting began.

Our politicians’ moral compass has gone missing! Maybe it was never there! How do they sleep at night, face their wives, children and cash their paychecks? Nothing but lies, deceit and a blatant disregard for human life during the pandemic and the people they supposedly represent.

We have become hardened by Trump’s hourly lies, while watching his disregard for his supporters as he conducts superspreader events.

Trump’s Grade: F-minus!

RIP RBG! You will be greatly missed!

Jody Glud


Vote for Terrie Martin

It was my privilege to work with Terrie Martin several years ago when the Southern Oregon Historical Society was transitioning through a difficult period. The skills she showed as she studied and resolved complex issues will serve her well as a county commissioner.

She brings energy, enthusiasm and experience to the solution process. Terrie Martin listens, respects and reflects on all aspects of a problem in the search for answers. She knows Jackson County, its businesses and nonprofits, its people and its institutions.

A vote for Terrie Martin is a vote for uniting the county and its responses to disaster. It is the assurance of a firm hand applied to solving whatever new problems emerge. She has my vote, and I urge you to add your vote for Terrie Martin for county commissioner as well.

Alice Mullaly

Central Point

Vote for Enriquez

First and foremost, please register and then vote in the general election by Nov. 3. Then, please join me in supporting Alberto Enriquez for state representative, 6th District.

As a longtime Medford resident and former Mail Tribune reporter, Alberto knows first-hand the issues facing his district and Oregon. His platform includes progressive positions on housing, health care, jobs, education, police reform and not least, the environment and the impacts on our area due to climate change.

You can find information on his positions at alberto4medford.com. Unlike his opponent in this election, Alberto has pledged to not take big oil, tobacco and pharma money.

Delcy Tibbetts


Debate reaction

I watched the first “presidential” “debate” — and I was in equal measure exhausted, outraged and embarrassed.

Donald Trump has thoroughly debased his office and our country’s political discourse. The United States has become an object of scorn and derision throughout the world because of Trump’s abominable behavior, his bullying “style,” and his shallow boorishness. He will not be contained by any set of rules, even if he supposedly agrees to them.

No one can learn anything about substance or issues in a forum like the one I witnessed. Clearly, substance is not the object. Only “winning” through blunt harassment, mindless thuggery. And there are to be two more “debates”? Chris Wallace’s vain, valiant effort earns him commendation, but I wouldn’t blame the next moderators for bowing out — as perhaps most viewers will.

Jack Seybold


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