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Letters, Oct. 14

Community lives here

Our Southern Oregon community never ceases to inspire me. There are countless examples of incredible work being done to support our community’s fire victims, including nearly 100 Asante employees who lost their homes.

I’m humbled by the outpouring of compassion shown to our Asante family and the entire community with donations of food, clothing and supplies. I’m proud of our 6,000 employees who mobilized within hours to fill the Smullin Center with critically needed items, and who stayed at work long past their shifts to care for our patients — even when their own homes and families were being evacuated.

I’m incredibly grateful to our community partners, who at the height of danger, were prepared to evacuate our Medford hospital. Both Mercy Flights and RVTD had transportation ready to move our patients to safety. Their readiness and the tireless work of our caregivers ensured patient care was never compromised.

As healing begins, Asante will be here to provide health-related resources to help people through this devastating experience. There’s no doubt the fires will have a lasting impact; however, with resiliency, this shared experience will bring us closer together as a community.

Scott Kelly

Asante president and CEO

Vote for Dave Dotterrer

Jackson County is facing so many complex issues: re-opening after COVID-19, rebuilding after the fires, and these are on top of “everyday” stuff.

I will vote to elect Dave Dotterrer to the open commissioner’s position. Dave brings decades of leadership experience, budget and planning insights, and passion for keeping our valley vital and healthy like no one else on the ticket.

As a Marine officer, he planned, led, trained and evaluated operations and personnel. Working with Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, he learned budgets and more.

Add to these his leadership on the Logos School Board, caring for the opportunities the next generation needs. Even as I write, he is giving time alongside others aiding fire victims.

I could say more! It’s clear Dave has a heart for Jackson County and will be a smart, compassionate commissioner. Readers, cast your votes for him, too.

Robin Lee


Martin for county commissioner

Jackson County needs bold new leadership that can help us weather the many challenges we currently face. Terrie Martin is that leader.

She is known for her pragmatic and effective problem-solving skills. With these skills, she will ensure that our county delivers clear, complete and timely information on COVID and fire safety. She aims to keep property taxes down to ensure affordable housing, as well as encourage affordable housing projects.

Terrie believes in using county funds in effective ways to create healthy, safe communities through collaboration among county agencies. She will listen to us and put all the people of our county as her first priority. Please vote, and vote for Terrie Martin for Jackson County commissioner.

Andra Hollenbeck


Use waste bins for leaves

I’d like to ask citizens of Jackson County to please consider using your green yard waste bin for leaves this year instead of using the plastic bags for the leaf pickup.

On my property, I have two 30-foot maple trees and four other trees that drop their leaves. For the past 10 years, I have successfully used my yard waste bin for all my trees’ leaves. It takes a bit of work and organization, but it’s worth it.

It seems so wasteful to me that we use plastic bags to bag up leaves. These bags can take hundreds of years to decompose and can end up in the marine life that we consume. Why not just use the bin that most of us already have?

Before you write this off, please ask yourself, does our Earth really need more plastic?

Julie Keene


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