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Letters, Oct. 15

Greenway fire threat

The Greenway poses an increasing threat for wildfires.

Ever since mental health institutions have been limited or closed down, more and more homeless folks have settled on the Greenway. The Greenway was never intended as a residence. Any camper on the Greenway should be redirected to a safe place live.

The Greenway adds much to the enhancement of our lives for recreation and pleasure of nature in our community. What we have not heard from law enforcement is the need to patrol the Greenway. What about thinning/cleaning up the Greenway and establishing lighting for better security?

Please, leaders of the Rogue Valley, consider tightening surveillance of the Greenway to save lives.

April Rosenthal


Publisher’s opinion makes sense

Steven Saslow’s opinion (Aug. 30) makes sense. I agree we should vote for what a political party represents rather than the personalities of the presidential candidates.

I will vote Republican because:

1. Business has prospered with record low unemployment during this administration.

2. Socialism has never worked, according to historic evidence.

3. Concerning the pandemic, briefings with medical experts were held most days. Ventilators were manufactured quickly, and a vaccine will be available in record time.

4. Riots in Democratic cities are disgusting and do not help Black lives in any way. Remember the peaceful marches of Martin Luther King Jr. and what they accomplished.

5. Defunding the police would mean more crime. Affluent households can afford privately paid protection. The rest of us cannot.

6. All children, especially minorities, would benefit from school choice. Charter schools have shown how effective they can be. Democrats want to prevent school choice.

Marlene Murphy

Central Point

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