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Election letters, Oct. 18

Thatcher for secretary of state

Oregon is at a crossroads in its history and we need a leader that brings party balance.

Kim Thatcher is capable to help fix Thatcher for secretary of state

Oregon is at a crossroads in its history and we need a leader that brings party balance.

Kim Thatcher is capable to help fix the many problems of our state such as failed computer systems that stopped the unemployment checks from helping at the most needed times and through auditing incredible government waste. Kim Thatcher is an employer with 80 employees and understand the needs problems and opportunities we have in our great state.

When our governor makes a $50,000 contribution to her opponent in this race it should concern everyone in the state. I am asking you to not just follow party lines. If our state goes to super-majority rule, the failed policies and waste of our valuable tax dollars will go unchecked, taking precious dollars from mental health, education and services critical to our state. Join me and vote for Kim Thatcher for secretary of state.

Alan DeBoer, 541-944-1600, former state senator and mayor of Ashland


Trumpism or Republicanism

Cults exist when people lacking beliefs dedicate themselves merely to a leader. After years of platforms promoting conservative principles, 2020 Republicans decided: “the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda.”

This typifies the GOP demise. Formerly a proud party espousing conservative principles, they have deteriorated into a simple cult venerating Dear Leader, an anti-science lying dictator wannabe.

Republicanism has become pure Trumpism standing for, and tolerating, nothing but Trump worship. The exertion of raw power in the interests of imposing authority on the electorate typifies Trumpism.

In Washington, the pure hypocritical Moscow Mitch and almost his entire Senate gang rejected the principles they self-righteously articulated in 2016 to deny Obama a Supreme Court nomination. In Oregon, the tyrannical 2020 minority Republicans walked out of both legislative chambers blocking over 100 proposals.

Since inauguration, Trump’s behavior has induced a mass exodus of conservatives: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Republicans_who_oppose_the_2020_Donald_Trump_presidential_campaign#Cabinet-level_officials.

Trisha Vigil


The leader Medford needs

Alberto Enriquez is exactly what House District 6 and the Medford area need representing them in Salem. Enriquez is a true original, with the kind of vision that our region needs to build back better from the pandemic and the devastating wildfires we have suffered this year. What’s more, you won’t see him walking out on his sworn duty; he will stay in Salem to do the work he was sent there to do.

Alberto Enriquez is an independent thinker who understands the challenges our valley is facing from climate change, and he is prepared to do the hard work to tackle the problem.

He will work with other leaders in Salem to help prepare our rural and urban communities to be more resilient in the face of climate change, and to avoid the devastation we saw with the Almeda fire.

Hogan M. Sherrow, director, Rural Oregon Climate Political Action Committee


Vote for or against science?

For many years Jackson County commissioners have all been one party. Little surprise, then, that board actions have been driven by thinking based on the anti-science conspiracy hoax attitudes that underpin Republican policies at the federal and state levels. The willfully uninformed approach of our board leads to pronouncements about the SARS-CoV-2 that deny medical science, forest management recommendations that deny forest science, and a complete rejection of what climate science tells us about the dangers of global warming.

Thanks to one board member retiring, we have an opening. Competing for this seat we have another Republican who would undoubtedly toe the standard anti-science party line.

COVID and recent wildfires should be enough to alert us all to the importance of accepting science. For a voice of sanity, we also have local business owner Terrie Martin, who seeks and respects sound advice and would urge county policies informed by science.

Louise D. Shawkat


County needs Terrie Martin

Jackson County urgently needs Terrie Martin on our county Board of Commissioners. Longtime county residents, Terrie and her family lost their Harley-Davidson business in the recent fire; she has the personal commitment and experience to help lead the critical analysis of the county’s failures in this emergency and the development of the better warning and evacuation systems we deserve.

From my observation, the three current county commissioners share a “good old boy” mindset in dealing with every problem. The fact that all three have endorsed Terrie’s opponent suggests to me that they expect him not to “rock the “boat,” a boat that badly needs some “rocking.”

Terrie will bring to the commission her skills at investigating issues, her ground-level understanding of living and working in this county, and the creative energy of a small business owner. We all will benefit from Terrie Martin’s leadership as we shape our common future.

Susan Stitham


Vote for Dotterrer

The Jackson County budget includes over two dozen separate components, each one involving multiple line items related to quite different responsibilities, staffs and equipment: courts, court security, county schools, recreation, health insurance, workers compensation, risk management, solid waste management, motor pool, computer replacement, airport, and not one but three pertaining to roads, three to libraries, and four to parks and trails, many of them of significant individual complexity.

Ask yourself which commissioner candidate is best qualified to set policy and assess budgets, using clear principles for evaluating outcome, performance and value! Among the candidates, Dave Dotterrer has certainly had the most extensive high-level budget experience with both federal and Oregon state budgets.

Vote in the best interests of the county and taxpayers. Vote for Dave Dotterrer.

Juanita Bright


Randy for a Medford future

If you want a change from the “’good old boy” form of government we have, then vote for Randy Sparacino.

Examples of what our past City Councils have done: putting a communication tower up in violation of city rules, road diets on Main and Jackson streets without public involvement or even reasonable notice, wasting MURA funds and lack of an open, public involved city.

I am not saying that they were or are not good decisions, but rather they were done without the public being offered a chance to weigh in. Our city government has a total disregard for us, the citizens of Medford, by manipulation and deceit in increasing and maintaining city fees (taxes without voter approval), even after we voted down more taxes on the issue.

Let’s vote for an honest and open city that listens and involves the people: Randy Sparacino for mayor!

Scott Henselman


DuQuenne would be an asset

I met Gina DuQuenne at an Ashland community event celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities. I was the “new girl in town” — nervous to be at an event where I knew no one.

As a transgender woman, my experience in community has been varied. Gina truly lives in radical welcome at all times. She is a person who instantly makes those around her feel valued, seen and respected; empowering change. I can’t think of qualities more important for our Ashland City Council, especially now.

In Ashland’s future, I know there are difficult times ahead, and the ability to welcome others will be paramount to our success. In my years of experience directing LGBTQ community development at SOU and other institutions, I have seldom been honored to work with people who radically welcome others, and empower those around them. Gina would be an asset to Ashland City Council.

Alex Sylvester, equity coordinator for gender and sexuality justice, SOU


Who you’re voting for

In response to ‘What I am voting for’ (Oct. 1) I would suggest with this president you are voting for the man, because, different from any other previous president that I can remember, this man listens to no one but himself, not even his own party. Therefore ,be very very careful when one says I am not voting for the man and look very carefully at what this president says because it just might not be some of the ideals one thinks they are voting for.

Karen Anderson


Vote Joe Biden

The protection of the environment has been a top subject of mine for many years, so much so that I am a registered Green Party member. This year, I cannot afford to give my vote to my own party. Donald Trump has preempted any logical decision to do so.

I refer to him as the “great destructor” of decency, both in regards to environmental and human issues. We must conjoin our votes in overwhelming solidarity against the evil this man is doing. Please vote for sanity: Vote Joe Biden!

Gregg Adams


Freedom or communism

I hope the Mail Tribune gets as tired of running letters arguing that we vote for Trump “because freedom” as I do of reading them.

Sunday, Oct. 11 featured yet another one trying to scare us that we’ll all end up slaves to communism if Trump isn’t reelected.

We won’t, I’m convinced.

But this letter did crystallize my own thinking about something — that a conservative’s view of freedom is like a virgin’s view of sex: that it will always be wonderful, and no one could possibly get hurt.

Life is full of complications. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not thinking hard enough.

Joi Riley


Our pending choices

Sen. Schumer stated “everything is on the table,” indicating he will stop at nothing to prevent the re-election of President Trump and return the country to those who want to continue the “fundamental transformation” of it, as begun under President Obama.

Some things to consider:

Do you want “activist” Supreme Court justices legislating from the bench, as Sen. Merkley favors, or do you want “originalist” justices who will defend our individual, God-given rights enshrined and guaranteed in the Constitution?

Do we want devastating structural changes to our constitutional government by eliminating the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, destroying our Bill of Rights, or preserve the republic “of, by and for the people?”

Do you believe you can spend your hard-earned money more usefully than the government can when Biden eliminates the Trump tax cuts?

Doesn’t our continuation as a constitutional republic or a one-party tyranny depend on your vote?

Dennis V. Sinclair


Supporting Enriquez

We are supporting Alberto Enriquez for Medford’s state representative. We’ve known Alberto for over 20 years since our daughters were in school together at Hoover Elementary.

At that time Alberto was an intrepid reporter for the Mail Tribune. Then and now he has been passionate about our city, our state and our country. He cares about people, justice and this community. He has the energy, enthusiasm and intelligence to represent our interests and needs in Salem. He will fight for affordable housing, affordable health care and the health of our planet.

Kim Wallan, on the other hand walked out on her job five times last year. Her campaign received donations from Altria, the company behind Phillip Morris tobacco, and Chevron. Vote for the candidate who will work for us; vote for Alberto Enriquez for State Representative!

Fran and Cary Spiker


Thankful for Kim and Dave

Experience and integrity — words that describe candidates Kim Wallan (Oregon House District 6) and Dave Dotterer (Jackson County Board of Commissioners). At a time when the challenges confronting our country are increasing, Kim and Dave will bring their varied and relevant experience to the table to advance Southern Oregon’s best interests from Jackson County to Salem to Washington, D.C.

Kim has served Medford’s legislative district in Salem for the last two years — bringing her small-business and education experience to bear on the Economic Development and Education committees.

Dave has years of experience in budgeting and community planning — serving with Dennis Richardson in Salem and holding numerous and varied positions within our local community.

Southern Oregonians: We should consider ourselves very fortunate to have Kim and Dave offering us their services. Join me in voting for Kim Wallan and Dave Dotterer.

Bryan Platt


Harrison for common sense

I had the pleasure of working with Councilor John Harrison for the past two years on a variety of issues regarding public safety in the city of Talent. I found John to be a man of integrity who listened to all sides of a topic and made decisions based upon the needs of the entire community and not just special interest groups and those making the most noise.

Harrison is an integral part of the community with a servant’s heart, volunteering throughout the city on projects. John is one of the few elected leaders that I found actually sought out information from public safety officials on issues important to the safety of all Talent residents.

As a retired public safety official, I urge you to vote for John Harrison for Talent City Council. A vote for him equals common sense and safety.

Tim Doney


Allen for Senate District 2

Jerry Allen has been reading to children at our Cave Junction library for several years, and this well-rounded man will provide the Oregon State Senate a treasure of thoughtful insight and deserves our vote.

He received an undergraduate degree from U.C. Berkeley and a graduate degree from U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health, and his professional experience includes retired hospital executive, clinic founder, social work supervisor, organic farmer and elected pension trustee.

He received certification as a California licensed marriage and family therapist, public health educator and Oregon licensed emergency medical responder.

For better lawmaking, vote Jerry Allen for Oregon State Senate District 2.

Sue Lily

Illinois Valley

Akins, Hyatt, Martin, Fagan

Julie Akins has my vote for mayor. Her long advocacy for the underprivileged and marginalized assures me she holds all of our concerns in her decision-making. (She voted with the majority to hold off on the City Hall bond issue.)

I also strongly support Paula Hyatt for City Council. She’s “a numbers girl” — has been all her life, she told me, and her website is convincing evidence. We need her thoroughness and precision on our City Council.

I have two more voting recommendations: Terrie Martin for county commissioner and Shemia Fagan for secretary of state. Both these women’s life stories of dedication, passion and commitment are convincing evidence that they will do their best for all of us.

I am deeply grateful to all of these women for their willingness to take on the daunting task of public office.

Dot Fisher-Smith


Dotterrer is outstanding

Jackson County has an outstanding commissioner candidate in Col. Dave Dotterer. His decades in the Marines included serving as officer-in-charge of the Crisis Action Center at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and a stint as assistant to the secretary of the Navy. Retiring to Ashland, he threw himself into serving the community. He was a budget analyst for the Oregon Legislature, served on the Ashland Planning Commission, is chairman of the Logos Charter school board, has been heavily involved in helping fire disaster victims, and much more.

I first met Dave years ago to introduce an issue to him that he didn’t know much about. He listened to the evidence I presented and took it to heart. So besides skills and experience, Dave is humble enough to listen and learn. Please support the candidate uniquely equipped to lead in these days of crisis after crisis: Dave Dotterer.

Lynn Barton


Herd mentality

When Trump promotes “herd mentality,” he is closer to the mark than he realizes; this is what cult followers exhibit. He means “herd immunity.”

This approach to COVID-19 is rejected by all but his ignorant quack. Herd immunity requires that 70% of the population be immune. This means over 200 million Americans are required to contract the disease, survive, and acquire an immunity which has not been demonstrated. At the rate of death suffered by COVID-19 victims this means some 6 million American deaths are required.

To Trump, we are all expendable cannon fodder for his campaign! We need a president who accepts medical science, not quackery.

Oregon Republicans endorse Trump’s killer insanity and will bring it to our state if elected. We need Oregon representatives who commit to staying in Salem for the entire session and not using the walkout to impose their tyranny of the minority again.

Bruce Bauer


Tony Graham gets it

The effective work of any city council requires collaboration and compromise. It is a team sport.

The current campaign rhetoric in Ashland that urges a “clean sweep” and “throw the bums out” and “status quo is bad” fosters the election of a special, business-wise slate that will bring the city back from the imaginary precipice of ruin. Such political schemes rarely work because successful municipal governance embraces the many issues that are not exclusively accounting/business decisions. Civic leadership requires a wider capacity for vision, empathetic understanding and community collaboration.

Tonya Graham fully comprehends this obligation and has repeatedly demonstrated such capacity. Her opponent does not. There is an obvious reason that four current city councilors have endorsed Tonya Graham and none her opponent. Please vote for Tonya Graham as the next mayor of Ashland.

Stephen Jensen

Ashland city councilor

A vote for Dotterrer

As an independent thinker, I vote for the individual after carefully reading their mailings, the voter pamphlet, TV and print news and the like.

I make my decision based on the individual candidate’s familiarity with, and understanding of, the challenges likely to be faced in each position decision based on specific proposals, the breadth and depth of the education and experience of each, and perhaps above all the evidence of their leadership skills.

One of the most interesting races this November is that for Jackson County commissioner position 3. Overall the only candidate who seems most qualified is Dave Dotterrer.

Phyllis Fletcher

Eagle Point

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