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Letters, Oct. 18

Thanks to North Medford High School

St. Mary’s School would like to thank North Medford High School, especially principal Dan Smith and assistant principal Brent Mcconaghy, for their help during the night of the Almeda fire.

St. Mary’s has a student population of 500 students, 37 of whom are international students and live in our on-campus dormitory. On the night of the fire, the dorm was evacuated and NMHS graciously allowed our students and dorm staff to stay in their gym.

NMHS and its staff went out of their way to make sure our students and staff were comfortable and taken care of. We greatly appreciate their hospitality and kindness in our time of need.

Frank Phillips, president, and Jim Meyer, principal, St. Mary’s School


Thanks to Sarah Corson Child Care

On Sept. 8 our son and his family lost their home in the Almeda fire.

It was so very difficult for our 4-year-old grandson to understand that his clothes, toys, books, bed were all gone! Preston attends Sarah Corson Child Care. Jaime Snider, the director, Ms. Kathy, his teacher and the entire staff put on their hero capes and stepped into action! They provided clothes, books, shoes and toys. Ms. Snider’s son even took his allowance money to buy Preston dinosaurs, his favorite toy!

Through their caring, compassion and support they brought rays of sunshine through the smoke, ashes, devastation, sadness and loss to this little boy and his family!

We will forever be thankful and grateful to these Heroes !

Linda Van Buskirk and the Van Buskirk family


Why restrict voting?

I appreciate the opportunity for sincere expression and political give and take that the MT affords us on the editorial page. That said, I have a question for Republicans.

Why do you want to limit opportunities for voting? Removing polling places and drop boxes; purging voter rolls; court cases to limit voting by mail, which has been virtually problem-free; slowing the U.S. postal system; making it harder for people’s votes to count; etc. Please, someone, without talking about fraud, tell me why you’re doing this?

M.L. Moore


Staying tuned

From a friend: “After this crisis, I am hoping that we see the flaws in the system, then set about to fix them.” My response: That has not always worked so well in the past.

Beginning with the Bill of Rights and continuing with well-intentioned amendments, a bloody civil war, Prohibition, the New Deal and the Great Society, somehow the unintended consequences usually seem to have prevailed.

But — this world crisis is like none other, including the two world wars. Although our health and financial systems are being upended, the basic infrastructure should remain intact, without destroyed cities and incalculable human losses. So, it won’t be so much a matter of rebuilding as it will be rethinking, relearning, readjusting, re-recognizing and reopening our minds and efforts through newly enlightened leadership — all on a global basis. It’s as if the natural world is saying “We’ll give you stupid humans one more chance.”

I’m sorry to say that “hope,” that thing with feathers that perches on the soul, has long flown from me. But just maybe, those younger and still brimming with optimism and idealism can find the power to save us all. I’ll stay tuned as long as possible.

Donnelly Fenn


No style

I just saw a news segment of the president at a rally in Pennsylvania, attempting to dance to the song “YMCA.” The Village People promptly put out a cease and desist order, for typically, the Trump campaign used someone else’s work without their permission.

What was really sad was his apparent absence of style and rhythm. Friends don’t let friends dance like that.

L.J. Zinkand


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