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Letters, Oct. 19

Almeda fire

The county commissioners have long been discussing fire safety and the need to reduce fire danger in our county. Their main focus seems to have been forested land, however the Almeda Fire demonstrated that there may be something equally as dangerous in our county.

In looking at the Almeda Fire, it appears that the Bear Creek Greenway, as well as streamside vegetation along smaller streams feeding into Bear Creek, functioned as a conduit for the fire. It appears that the streamside vegetation carried the fire to residential areas.

In considering rehabilitation of the Bear Creek Greenway, I would urge the commissioners to consider doing this rehabilitation in a manner that reduces the fire danger. I understand the need to provide shade for the streams, however this can be done without returning the streamside to the hazardous condition it was in before the fire. With the climate changing, it seems likely that in the future we will have the same dry, windy conditions that facilitated the Almeda fire, so we need to be prepared.

Bob Williams

Central Point

Herd stupidity

Lately some people have been pushing herd immunity. This is really herd stupidity.

Let’s look at the numbers to understand herd stupidity. It would require 80% of the 330 million Americans to have been infected with the coronavirus. That’s 264 million Americans. About 8 million will have been infected by the end of the year and about 300,000 will have died. So for herd stupidity, about 33 times as many people would have to be infected and would die. This means there will have to be 33 times 300,000 or a total of 990,000 dead Americans.

I suspect the people pushing herd stupidity assume they won’t be part of the herd. They probably assume that if they do get sick a helicopter will whisk them off to Walter Reed where they can be spritzed with all manner of super-duper drugs.

The MT’s favorite columnist, Larry Mendte, is pushing herd stupidity. Maybe he likes the idea of everybody else getting sick so he doesn’t have to. So to Larry and all the others pushing herd stupidity, I say, you go first. I don’t want to be part of your herd.

Steve Bull


Trump’s stooge

Trump doesn’t need Curly, Moe, and Larry. He has Mike.

Mike is a ventriloquist’s dummy, if there ever was one. Completely lacking in intellect, inspiration, insight or any spark of originality. Just a flat mediocrity, parroting his master’s instructions.

As for Curly, Moe, and Larry, they’re all on the White House staff. Along with Handmaid Amy.

Herbert Childs


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