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Letters: Oct. 20

Workers ‘slipped’ and were ‘shed’

According to the New York Times, 8 million American workers have “slipped” into poverty since May. They also keep getting “shed” by their employers, as 900,000 filed for unemployment insurance in one recent week.

This horror continues to afflict Americans who have been devastated for months because of COVID-19 and the economic collapse. But Congress and the president cannot seem to come up with additional stimulus funds to help those in dire straits.

But no one at the Pentagon has “slipped” or is being “shed.” This past July, by a huge bipartisan vote: 86-14 in the Senate and 295-125 in the House, our elected officials approved the largest military appropriation bill in American history.

There’s always plenty of funds when the rich and powerful merchants of death need a stimulus for killing and maiming — but not so for our friends and neighbors who have been “slipped” or are being “shed.”

John Marciano


Vote for moderation

In looking toward the future, it would seem important to avoid a divisive local government because we have too many immediate challenges to address and much work that needs to be accomplished to restore safety and well-being to the Rogue Valley communities.

Particularly at this time, we should reject the radicalization of the Ashland City Council and side-step the more extreme ACES collective. As usual, those who propose an exaggerated approach really won’t make everything better.

A moderate perspective, however, will encourage cooperation and sensible compromise between us, instead of further divisiveness.

The applicants for Ashland City Council that I hope are elected for the sake of true community representation are:

Tonya Graham (for mayor)

Paula Hyatt (for council position 1)

Dr. Julian Bell (for council position 3)

Jessica Kensinger (for council position 5)

Julian Hamer


Supporting Akins

It’s refreshing to throw my support behind a candidate such as Julie Akins for mayor of Ashland.

In today’s crazy, contentious world ,to have a politician who works diligently to listen to the voters is the breath of clean air that we need. Her presence on social media explaining her positions coupled with seeking citizen input is what politicians need to aspire to.

Julie gives me hope that good people do run for office. I am confident that Julie will tackle the tough issues and not continue to kick the can down the line. We need leadership that can work to rectify the budget problems facing Ashland, and I am confident that Julie will assemble a group of budget-wise folks and listen to their recommendations.

This is the first time in a long while that I am excited about a candidate. Vote for Julie Akins for mayor of Ashland.

Donna Butchino, former mayor of Eagle Point


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