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Letters, Oct. 21

Nick David for Parks Commission

Nick David has stepped up to bring some refreshing change to the Ashland Parks Commission.

As a lifelong Ashland native, he knows and appreciates our wonderful parks and he’ll work to make them even better. More importantly, Nick will help change the process that the Parks Commission has gotten stuck in over many years of not welcoming and encouraging community input.

Too often,for instance, some of the commissioners have pursued policies that have hurt programs for seniors and resulted in legal and other actions against the parks that could have been avoided with a more open and transparent process. Nick David will bring a breath of fresh air to the process and help brighten our parks’ future!

Larry Cooper


Fresh perspective

As the former director of the Senior Program in the City of Ashland for over a decade, I can attest first-hand to the need for significant change in the culture that currently exists in Ashland city government.

I believe we need leadership that puts our citizens’ needs first, and does so with transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility. I also believe that Julie Akins and Shaun Moran share that perspective and will work toward making that positive change. That’s why I’m supporting Julie Akins for mayor of Ashland and Shaun Moran for City Council.

Christine Dodson


Dotterrer doesn’t connect

In his TV commercial, Dave Dotterrer says, “It’s not about politics, it’s about people.”

For Dotterrer, it is about politics. He is a politician in his third campaign in the past 10 years, now as a candidate for Jackson County Commissioner.

He lost his previous races because he didn’t connect with “people.” He didn’t hear, or could not relate to, their needs and concerns.

His opponent for commissioner, Terrie Martin, has lived in the county 50 years. She’s heard a lot, seen a lot, done a lot more here than Dotterrer in his much briefer residency.

As a journalist and then a small business co-owner, Martin learned that if you don’t listen you will not succeed.

While aiding fire relief efforts, she’s listened to other victims share their experiences, needs, hopes and fears for the future.

Listening is something good neighbors do.

It’s something good public servants do, too.

Tom Pyle


Akins is the best choice

Julie Akins is the best choice for Ashland’s mayor to ensure voters’ priorities are implemented.

Her actions have shown that she is in touch with Ashlanders’ concerns. Voters put down the $8.2 million City Hall bond; Julie Akins promised to vote no while her opponent strongly favored the bond. Voters put down the mega jail bond/service district; Julie Akins voted no while her opponent strongly favored the bond.

Julie Akins voted against raising garbage/utility rates while her opponent supports rate increases. Ashland residents pay roughly $100/month on their utility bills before they even turn on lights or water. Julie Akins is committed to priority based budgeting and responsible management.

Julie Akins will work for an affordable and thriving community that has a diverse economic base. She consistently supports equity, diversity and inclusion in Ashland’s government with transparency the number one value.

Vote Julie Akins for Ashland’s mayor.

Sue Wilson


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