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Letters, Oct. 22

Supporting Akins

I first met Julie Akins over a decade ago when she was a news director.

I cold contacted her and she responded right away. So I was already impressed. Then I found out when she was an investigative reporter she took a punch in the face from a corrupt dentist who was defrauding Medicaid and operating on poor children without anesthesia.

Julie Akins is courageous, smart, compassionate, energetic and motivated. But most of all she listens and she cares. She’s not interested in playing politics. She’s interested in helping people and making Ashland a better and more equitable place to live. This is a woman of deep honesty and integrity. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse her for mayor.

Jennifer Margulis


Anti-abortion movement costly

Voters, have you really analyzed the costs associated with the anti-abortion movement?

As an illustration, I looked up the number of teen pregnancies in the United States. In 2017, there were 194,377. Although not all would have considered abortion, let’s use this number for demonstration purposes.

The cost to raise a child in the U.S. to the age of 18 is $131,040 for low-income families and $233,610 for medium-income families.

If we multiply 194,377 pregnancies by the $131,040, we come up with $25,471,162,080. That’s $25 billion! Where is this money coming from? Usually low-income people rely on social services to help. That means all taxpayers will have to come up with at least a part of this money.

Also, a number of children born to young mothers are placed in foster care.

Please give these statistics some thought before you vote

Jan Spindler


Supporting Graham

During mayoral candidate Tonya Graham’s work with the council and as liaison to Ashland’s Wildfire Safety Commission, she’s demonstrated a keen grasp of a wide range of issues, skill at reaching effective, productive compromises, as well as an impressive personal and professional commitment toward making Ashland more resilient and better protected against natural disasters.

I’ve been impressed by Tonya’s commitment to making our town safer and prioritizing the city’s work. Her proposed survey of residents would clarify which city programs Ashlanders value most — and least — and help move the city toward well-informed cost reductions based on citizen input.

Tonya has remarkable skill at listening to and considering opposing points of view, reaching for thoughtful consensus on the wide range of difficult challenges facing Ashland. I strongly support her candidacy for mayor.

Stephen Gagne


Dotterrer has my vote

As many have argued, Dave Dotterrer has the character, experience, knowledge, personality and skills that have prepared him to be an effective and wise Jackson County commissioner. What has not been mentioned is that he continues to learn.

For example, recently he has been improving his own understanding of the often interrelated problems of and possible solutions to homelessness, mental illness, regional economic development, substance abuse and unemployment with experts in fields such as family counseling, law (judges, police, defense attorneys, parole agents), mental and physical health, nutrition, psychology, sanitation, sociology and vocational education.

Bill Longiotti


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