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Letters, Oct. 24

Brown’s action saved lives

I found the article in Sunday’s Mail Tribune about our county commissioners wanting to put limits on the governor’s emergency powers very disturbing.

Although I do not always agree with Gov. Brown, without a doubt she is responsible for saving hundreds, probably thousands, of Oregonian lives with her quick action imposing restrictions during the coronavirus crisis. Already statewide, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cases since the partial reopening.

I had an aunt die during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, so I have heard about that all my life, but I never thought I’d be living it. How our elected officials could want to put the citizens of Jackson County at more risk defies reason! Time to have some new faces in county government.

Sam Whitford


Republicans are dishonest

In years past, I have supported political candidates based upon their record and qualifications regardless of party. But this year, as we face the most crucial election of our lifetime, I regretfully have had a change of heart.

The Republican Party, from the top down, is the most corrupt and dishonest organization imaginable. Corruption of the impeached president is unparalleled. Several Republican congresspersons have been corrupted by combined $395 million from big pharma, Wall Street and big oil. The RNC is spending $10 million nationwide on voter suppression. The GOP is setting up fake collection boxes to harvest ballots while at the same time alleging mail-in ballot fraud. Our state Rep. Kim Wallan twice ran and hid to avoid debate in Salem.

My conclusion is that if candidates are Republican, whether national, state or local, they are most likely corrupt and dishonest. Vote them down. Vote them out. Vote Democratic.

Donald Stone


Vote for Enriquez

We have known Alberto Enriquez for over 20 years and are excited he is running for state representative.

Alberto is conscientious, hard-working and extremely goal-oriented. He will go to Salem to help the average person, not just companies and corporations.

One of Alberto’s passions is health care for all. He has been a citizen advocate for health care, traveling to Salem and Washington, D.C., to support health care reform. As state representative, he will continue to safeguard and improve everyone’s health care, including drug costs.

Our community deserves someone who will be present for all legislation and not disappear when the work gets tough. A vote for Alberto Enriquez as our next state representative is a vote for the best person to get things accomplished for our community.

Tim and Nancy Egan


Dotterrer gets my vote

Those of us living in the unincorporated portions of Jackson County often feel like we lack representation on the county Board of Commissionrs. Dave Dotterer recognizes that our voice is also important in the drafting and implementation of county policy.

Dave recently spent an entire day in meetings with citizens of all political stripes in the Applegate Valley. I think that virtually everyone who met Dave was impressed with his open-minded approach to understanding rural issues, including wildfire prevention, preparedness, evacuation, and recovery. He also displays a deep understanding of our state and county budgets.

Dave is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He has some really good ideas on how the county can better support all its citizens, including our farmers. Dave is a natural leader we can trust to lay it out frankly and honestly.

Dave Dotterer gets my vote.

Tom Carstens


Death spiral

I am voting for President Donald Trump in the upcoming election. l believe he loves our country, our institutions and, above, all our freedoms.

I listen to what he says but more importantly look at what he does. He has achieved most of his promises. Most of all, he expresses hope for a better life — a hope that is desperately needed at this time.

On the other side, the Democrats offer nothing but continued class warfare, erosion of our freedoms and attacks on the Constitution to remove any protections for individual rights such as the First and Second amendments. I only see a death spiral for our republic if the Democrats take over and a turn toward fascist totalitarianism.

Gordon W. Dickerson


Vote for McComas

I want to shine light on Chad McComas.

Serving Medford, he exudes compassion and a desire to bring hope. He is up before sunrise and gets home after dinner time because he does whatever it takes.

Whether he’s on calls with city leaders or outside the programs he oversees, picking up trash, he makes sure it’s done. Saturday mornings, he walks the programs he runs as executive director/Rogue Retreat. He prays over them. He talks to residents himself.

He doesn’t have to do this, but he cares. Our housing crisis is paramount.

He can be a solution. He’s a strong, steady leader. He’s the solid, moral voice Medford desperately needs.

I have the honor to work alongside him, but I’m mostly honored to call him Dad. Wanting change, growth and to know your councilman is someone you can trust to work for you? Vote Chad McComas, Ward 3.

Marci McComas


Graham for mayor

In 2011, I began teaching at the John Muir School in Ashland. As a public school with a focus on the outdoors, we spent most Fridays exploring a variety of natural locations around the Rogue Valley. We relied on parents to drive students on trips, and Tonya Graham made that happen.

Tonya would relentlessly, all year long, personally track down enough parent drivers to make our trips happen. She’d start early in the week hunting drivers for our trips and, if in a pinch, she’d drive kids in her van. It was a thankless job that required incredible persistence and commitment. Tonya happily did it for years.

I think of all those kids who deepened their connection with nature in diverse settings throughout Southern Oregon because of those countless trips. Imagine what that persistence will do for our city when she’s mayor.

Jim Bowers


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