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Letters, Oct. 25

Racism is alive and well here

On Saturday afternoon, there was the weekly Trump Car parade through downtown Grants Pass. My son’s Black girlfriend was trying to get home from work.

On her way through downtown she was called the n-word, yelled and sworn at repeatedly as she passed through downtown. My son called me to tell me what happened and that she was in tears over the incident.

There is no place for racism in the U.S., and there is no reason to be yelling at a 19-year-old girl the way these grown men and women with their Trump flags did.

It is a shame that people have to make themselves feel better by bringing down others. Shame on all of you that participated in the verbal assault of this young woman.

Rich Csuk

Grants Pass

Save leaves for pollinators

Another option to avoid plastic bagging your fall leaves: Consider leaving them for the pollinators. Insects overwinter in piles of leaves, among other places.

If you have a structure to keep them in, such as a wire enclosure, or just throwing a tarp over them in a corner of your yard, you’ll be providing habitat for native pollinators and ladybugs. Just remember, don’t disturb the pile until April or May to give them a chance to crawl their way out and complete their life cycle.

For more information about caring for the insects that care for us and our gardens, go to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Education’s publication “Habitat Assessment Guide for Pollinators in Yards, Gardens, and Parks.”

Cindy Harper


Roundabout isn’t safer

Gary Leaming of the Oregon Department of Transportation said it looked like the traffic was flowing really well through the new Highway 140 roundabout.

To the contrary, my husband and I witnessed drivers coming into the roundabout at speeds higher than 25 mph, getting confused about which way they were supposed to go once in, entering the roundabout and not yielding to cars already in the roundabout and stopping in the middle of the roundabout to wait for incoming vehicles to enter. On a previous trip through we witnessed cars driving up over the center round and down the other side, right into the path of oncoming traffic.

The most disturbing thing we witnessed Oct. 15 was at the intersection of Kershaw Road and Highway 140, where a barrier had been placed down the center of 140 to prevent cars from making left turns or crossing the highway. A driver made a left turn from Kershaw Road and drove west on 140 in the eastbound lane of traffic until he got past the barrier, and then he moved over into the westbound lane.

And all this was supposed to make us safer when driving this section of the highway?

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Vote Byers, Volkart and Clark

As a resident of Talent who still has a home, my heart goes out to our community struggling with the challenges of loss from the Almeda fire.

It is difficult to imagine the restoration of our city, but I am confident that council candidates Ana Byers and Derek Volkart and Councilor Jason Clark, who are united to restore the community, will represent the residents of Talent well. These are three candidates that will fight for affordable housing options as the city recovers.

I also believe these three have experience and bring a lens of environmental sustainability as well as equity and diversity practices. These topics are important to bring to the forefront and include in our city government voice at this time. Please vote for Ana Byers, Derek Volkart and Jason Clark.

Rebecca Gyarmathy


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