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Election Letters, Oct. 26

Supporting Enriquez

As a friend of Alberto Enriquez for nearly 30 years, I urge voters in Oregon’s 6th District to support his candidacy for state representative.

Although I reside in the 5th District, I am reaching across district lines because I know he would add a much-needed wise voice of reason in the legislative body. Indeed, his intelligence, problem-solving approach and willingness to listen to others would benefit all Oregonians. In this period of intense political divisiveness, we need more than ever to elect folks who can work with others and come up with solutions.

I have no doubt Alberto would reach across the aisle, offering civility and common sense. Moreover, he would not retreat from his legislative responsibilities when the going gets tough. A longtime local resident well-versed in regional as well as statewide issues, Alberto Enriquez offers decency, honesty and trustworthiness when it is sorely needed.

Paul Fattig


Ward 3 needs Chad Miller

We need the right people in the right seats on the Medford City Council as we begin restoring our community from COVID and the recent fires. Individuals that are strategic thinkers, passionately committed and focused on this priority.

Our business is in Ward 3 on Table Rock Road We were evacuated on Sept. 9 as the fire swept up the Greenway. This event reminded me of the importance that city leadership roles play in our valley.

It’s not just a City Council seat, it’s a pivotal position requiring leadership, experience, and Chad’s level of knowledge. As a law enforcement officer, Chad personally understands the issues on our Greenway, he’s dedicated to building a safe and family-friendly community. He is trained to ask questions and find answers.

We need Chad Miller for Medford City Council Ward 3, he’s simply the best-qualified candidate.

Tim Alvarez

Central Point

Time for Trump to go

After the election, when our president has been defeated in a landslide, he’ll begin his fake cries of fraud, filing lawsuits and calling on his militia lemmings around the country to rise up and revolt against the Deep State. That is exactly the time the House will have to threaten to pass another impeachment to officially remove him from office.

The Senate might give Trump the courtesy of a warning that he is about to deal with a second impeachment on his resume — if he does not resign — threatening to put him in a distinct category of “loserness” that will frighten him if he does not resign. The only remaining question then will be: how many Republican senators will have seen enough after his landslide loss to sign on for his eviction? Hell will have a special place for him after he dies in prison.

Gerry Kirstein


Vote for Alberto Enriquez

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone in our community uniquely qualified to hold public office and represent you?

We need someone who listens carefully to all points of view and makes decisions based on facts. Medford voters are lucky to be able to elect such a person by voting Alberto Enriquez for House District 6.

I have known Alberto for more than 30 years and believe he is exactly who we need to represent us now and in the difficult times ahead. Alberto is dedicated to finding positive solutions and consensus on crucial policy issues that impact all of our lives: affordable health care, decent housing, climate change and education.

Alberto has the intelligence, communication skills and independence to help ensure that all southern Oregonians have the opportunities and potential for a productive life. Most importantly he really cares.

Steve Plotnick

Gold Hill

We must turn from our path

The more I see, hear and read, I’m sure our wonderful, great and strong nation has turned our back on the one who has made us great.

We need to turn from our current path of pride, nationalism, selfishness, vulgarity, riots and burning. There are forces who are working hard to topple us with their nightly tirades. We’ve released hardened criminals onto the streets and enslaved honest citizens with mountains of debt and taxes to pay for their wanton destruction. This must come to an end!

The police face rioters daily. These are the hired guns of the wealthy, left-wing elites who use them in order to promote socialism/globalism. Trump will put a stop to this insanity and also support our local police!

Gordon DeVos


Derek Volkart for Talent City Council

I am writing to show my support for Derek Volkart as the right candidate for Talent City Council.

I have been neighbors with Derek and his family for over 10 years. I trust Derek with his word and I have seen him in action to improve many aspects of our small town. He is the person you want as your neighbor and on our city council.

I know Derek to be informed, hardworking and committed to making Talent a diverse, unified and affordable town for families and businesses to thrive. Vote Derek Volkart for Talent City Council.

Christie Lawson


Moran not a one-issue candidate

The Tidings didn’t endorse Shaun Moran for Ashland council position 3 because they say he’s a one-issue candidate.

Shaun is most definitely and obviously not a one-issue candidate as is evident from the candidate forum videos anyone can easily watch — AAUW, Chamber of Commerce and SOCAN, to name a few. The Tidings decision is even more puzzling given the candidate they did endorse is a self-proclaimed one-issue candidate on the environment.

Shaun does emphasize the budget and the city’s economic base. Why? Because action on the issues most important to Ashlanders (e.g. environment, fire safety, schools, diversity, affordability, homelessness, etc.) require the city’s ability to have and devote funds to them. Shaun is the most prepared to put our financial house in order so that we can finance the major concerns of our community.

Check out the forum videos and Shaun’s website www.moranforcouncil.com to decide for yourself.

Dorre Ray


Friends support Measure 110

South Mountain Friends Meeting (Quakers) welcomes the declaration by Measure 110 that chemical addiction is primarily a public health, not a criminal justice, concern.

The lasting effects of our nation’s criminalizing recreational drugs have been the highest rate of incarceration in the world and a hugely disproportionate percentage of people of color, especially black men, behind bars. Conversely, criminalization has failed to curtail the importation or use of such drugs in our nation.

Quakers historically have opposed punitive approaches to social problems and the biases intertwined with them. In recent years U.S. Quakers have called for an end to mass incarceration as well as the racism endemic to our administration of criminal justice. Therefore, South Mountain Friends Meeting supports passage of Measure 110.

Herbert Rothschild, clerk, Peace & Social Concerns Committee, South Mountain Friends Meeting


Bell for City Council

I have worked directly with Julian Bell as a fellow commissioner on the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission. Through his comments, questions and votes, I see persistent evidence that he cares about what kind of city and what kind of future we leave for our children.

As a champion of facing and addressing climate change, he has consistently advocated for Parks to reduce its carbon footprint. And he has concurrently strived to work within the APRC budget. At public meetings, he is always thoughtful, respectful and asks questions that bring out perspectives that might have not been voiced without him.

Please join me in voting for Julian Bell for Ashland city councilor.

Rick Landt


DuQuenne for council

Post-COVID and post fire recovery, social and racial justice, housing crisis, fiscal crisis, climate crisis — Ashland needs new ideas, workable solutions and proven, conscience-driven leadership.

Gina DuQuenne has given back to this community for years, serving on boards, working on homeless issues, fighting for justice, and has proven that she can get things done. Gina is the best of Ashland. Ashland needs her leadership. Please vote for Gina DuQuenne for Ashland City Council.

Randy McKay and Diogo Mora


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