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Election letters, Oct. 27

Trump kept his promises

After the election four years ago, I was dismayed to read about and view on TV the poor people who were afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would heal their souls and rid their hearts and minds of the hate and bitterness they exhibited.

We all know what hateful words and feelings do to your psyches; they sour your disposition and make you feel bad. Not a good way to feel when we live in the best country in the world.

President Trump has kept his promises — best economy in history, cutting taxes, eliminating job-killing regulations, higher wages, more jobs, demolishing ISIS, huge steps for peace in Middle East, and building the wall to protect the border.

Thank you, President Trump.

President Trump is a true patriot. He deeply respects our Constitution, our flag and our military. That’s why we love him. MAGA.

Ramona Templin


Since when?

Since when has become acceptable for our most powerful politicians to use name-calling to make a point instead of facts and logic? Since when did the discussion become about who can be the rudest, nastiest, the loudest instead of the issue at hand?

Since when did wearing a mask become a political issue? Since when is science not seen as a useful guideline for decision-making?

I remember when compromise wasn’t a swear word. We are paying huge amounts of money to support legislators and their staffs. And yet, fewer bills have gotten passed than at any time in history. Nothing is getting done except dramatic sound bites, disagreements left to fester, personal attacks. It seems as if we have become a nation of children who need naps.

I only hope that we can find a way to protect our country and to make sure everyone gets their much-needed naps.

Beverly Cone

Central Point

Vote for Sparacino

I was on the Medford City Council for five years, and during that time I had a chance to work with Randy Sparacino on many important issues facing our community.

Randy could always be counted on to provide thoughtful, thorough, and honest advice and counsel. He always took his job seriously, but he never took himself seriously. Randy was always willing to work in a collaborative way and was interested in finding the right answer for the citizens of Medford, regardless of who got the credit for his good ideas and decisions.

Because of all of these qualities, Randy Sparacino would make an excellent mayor of our city.

Tim Jackle


Volkart for Talent council

Derek Volkart has the right balance of experience, tenacity, and compassion to tackle the greatest of challenges facing the community of Talent today. His commitment to affordable housing, local business, diversity, and teamwork make him the best choice for seat 4 on the Talent City Council.

Ben Ey


Unrelenting attack

There’s a failure to adequately report the Trump administration’s unrelenting attack on longstanding bipartisan regulations that have cleaned up our air and water quality, allowed endangered species to recover, provided funds to federal and state agencies for regulation of corporate polluters, and much more.

The rare pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, vital nesting habitat for millions of birds, has been revered by all administrations, but no more. Nothing is off-limits for protective rollbacks. Harmful pesticides due to be phased out, reversed; drilling off our coasts, no problem. These policies affect us locally. After a 15-year effort, a Canadian corporation is now emboldened by Trump to get their Jordan Cove 36-inch potentially explosive pipeline across 230 Oregon miles, damaging hundreds of wetlands and waterways while taking private property by eminent domain, to their LNG conversion facility in Coos Bay, subject to tsunamis and earthquakes, all to be shipped overseas!

Gaylene Hurley


Graham is best for Ashland mayor

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tonya for 18 years while serving on the board (currently board chair) of the nonprofit that she is the executive director of. Tonya has proven that she is a capable and compassionate leader, a strong fiscal manager, a visionary, and very personable.

Jeff Golden, Peter Buckley, our current mayor and four current city councilors all endorse Tonya (and no current councilors have endorsed her opponent). Tonya is also a national leader in the field of climate change adaptation and resilience planning.

After the devastating Almeda fire, we would be lucky to have her as our mayor as we navigate the coming years! Please vote for Tonya Graham for mayor of Ashland!

Ken Crocker


Ashland voters please read

On Sunday, Oct. 18, the sign we had in our yard on Ashland Loop Road supporting Shaun Moran, candidate for Ashland City Council Position 3, was removed and stolen between 2 and 4 p.m. Signs supporting Shaun in other visible locations have been stolen and a fraudulent mailer went out pretending to be from Shaun, attempting to illegally sway voters.

What does this say about his opponents Kelly Marcotulli, Julian Bell and Gerardo Padilla, their supporters, as well other candidates for City Council and mayor opposing Shaun (who stands for transparency, honesty and fiscal responsibility in city government)? Please think about this when you vote.

Elizabeth Holland


We need a new District 28 senator

I will not be voting for Dennis Linthicum, Senate District 28 incumbent. He is one of the Salem walkout senators who abruptly ended this year’s legislative session without voting on dozens of important matters. He is proud of that. A state senator is elected and paid to participate in the governing process.

As a constituent, the least I expect is that my senator cast votes on state legislation even if I don’t agree with his vote. That’s how the process works. He can fall on his sword for any of his silly reasons, but I expect him to do his job — or step aside and let someone responsible take it on.

Hugh Palcic deserves to represent Senate 28. Hugh listens to constituents and will represent us in a responsible manner. Vote for Hugh Palcic for Senate 28.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

The Trump virus

My incredible best friend has just been diagnosed with cancer. Not only can I not hug her when she needs me or when I need her — when tears fall and you just want to be able to comfort her for that moment — I can’t even spend time with her to alleviate the boredom of six hours of chemo.

This is because Trump and the Republicans have failed the American people in controlling the spread of the “Trump virus.” Yes, the “Trump virus”! His lies, failures and inability to act as a leader have made him accountable even more than the Chinese government. Vote!

Lenora Kell

Eagle Point

The unfortunate demise of civility

It took a pandemic to drive us apart socially, and a presidential election to turn us into bitter adversaries.

Election 2020 has brought out the dark side of humanity in this country and shattered any myth that we have progressed as a great society. The political landscape looks like something out of “Lord of the Flies,” with anger fueling debate and respectful disagreement impossible.

When did it become acceptable to lie and deny? What happened to integrity and ethics? And when did many Americans become so mean-spirited and abandon kindness and empathy? The dirty undercurrent of racism is deeper than ever.

The sad reality? Republicans and Democrats are really not that different, but we have a crisis of leadership. “Working across the aisle” in Congress has been replaced with barbed wire and party-line voting.

Our decisions on Nov. 3 could not be more critical!

Rick Vann


Terrie Martin for commissioner

I believe that our best choice in the race for county commissioner is Terrie Martin. A longtime Jackson County resident and a successful businesswoman who is active in community affairs, Terrie will bring much-needed common sense and vision to the commission.

I’m sure Terrie’s opponent is a stand-up guy. But, given his unsuccessful runs in 2010 and 2014 for state Senate, it appears to me that he sure wants to hold elective office of some sort. Terrie’s motivation seems very clear to me: a genuine desire to improve the decisions that are made by our county Board of Commissioners and to help Jackson County become a better place for everybody to live.

Jeff LaLande


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