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Letters, Oct. 28

Gotta love Oregon

What a mess. I need new stickers for my auto plates because some wise guy scraped them off. Call the DMV.

There is no way to work the the mess the DMV calls a phone tree. The options don’t work. After trying 13 times I gave up.

Going the DMV office is total mess as well. I understand that COVID requires certain restrictions, but DMV was so tight you couldn’t get close to the door for 10 minutes. You can try to make an appointment. Good luck with that. I tried almost a hour to make one on the phone; no luck. Stand outside to get info that doesn’t work, or be told to call the same number that you called that does not work.

But I can get a beer downtown in three minutes?

Ahhh, ya gotta love Oregon.

Val Handel


Media bias

Strange! Why can Republicans ever win?

Two town halls — one moderated by a supporter, one moderated by an opponent — show media bias. The media could almost convince me that Republicans are lying, dog-faced, bigoted conspiracy-believers devoted to an ugly evil leader.

Since nearly half the country votes for such monsters, there must be an explanation. Perhaps Republicans have some hidden moral and practical principles that the media hides.

I wonder how few Democrats ever bother to inquire.

Ira Edwards


Graham is prepared to be mayor

I admire the passion and activism of both Tonya Graham and Julie Akins, Ashland’s two candidates for mayor. The tipping point for my vote is their performance at City Council meetings.

Graham does her homework, listens carefully, and explains her positions with consideration for others’ views. What impresses me most is the quality of her follow-up questions. She digs deeper.

Akins, on the other hand, appears to have difficulty focusing on the many complex and, for many of us, boring subjects on the council agenda. She often looks distracted when others speak. She looks to me like she’d rather be elsewhere.

Being mayor requires endless patience, the ability to forgive others, and finally, a thick skin.

I believe Tonya Graham is the best choice for mayor. I think she has both the ability to inspire us and the will to work with others to get the job done.

Bill Street


Letter was plagiarized

With the Mail Tribune’s new format, I skip the front page now and go right to national and world news. And, while spending more time at home because of COVID-19, I’ve enjoyed reading the various viewpoints in the letters to the editor.

Barbara Field’s letter in the Oct. 1 edition has elicited some interesting comments. When I read her letter, it sounded familiar. Sure enough, I had read the same thing on a Facebook repost. It was word for word from Dr. James Dobson, an American evangelical Christian author. I think that’s what you call plagiarism!

The only word change Field substituted was “Democratic background” for “public events.”

Mary Jo Follett


City Council non-responsive

It looks like they are starting work on the gas station project at McAndrews and Springbrook despite massive and lengthy opposition from whole nearby neighborhoods. I guess the City Council just can’t allow actual citizens to outweigh business interests in this town.

If you haven’t voted yet, vote them all out. I did.

Roberta Bull


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