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Letters, Oct. 29

We can do better

In addition to being 68, I have two medical conditions that increase my COVID-19 risk. Living part time in Bend and Ashland, I pay attention to COVID-19 statistics in these two counties. Jackson and Deschutes Counties are roughly similar in population counts and geographic square miles. Why does Jackson County have 47% higher COVID-19 rates (1,613 vs. 1,100, as of Oct. 23)? Exploring age demographics, these counties are surprisingly similar with a median age of 39 (Jackson) and 38 (Deschutes). Both counties have 24% of the population under 18; Jackson has 16% over 64, whereas Deschutes has 13%. In the 30-64 age group both have just over 51%. Both counties have similar numbers of sunny days: 196 (Jackson) vs. 204 (Deschutes).

So why the significant difference in numbers of cases? The Oregon Health Authority and I beg you to wear a mask, and wear it appropriately in public.

Gifford Pinchot said, “The vast possibilities of our future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.” Responsible equals wearing a mask!

Susan Roudebush


Please vote Republican

I am 81 years of age, I have voted in all presidential elections. I have voted Democratic, Republican and independent.

This presidential election is the most important of them all. There is no doubt, if the Democrats should win this election, the United States of America will no longer be the free nation it is now and we will become a socialist country with no turning back.

Don’t let your hate for Donald Trump lead you to destroy this wonderful country. You will not be voting for Joe Biden, because soon after the election, Joe will be removed as president, probably for health reasons, and Kamala Harris will then be your president.

Bernie Sanders or some other left-wing socialist will be your vice president. God help us then. This left-wing socialist program has been in the works for a very long time so please, please, think and vote Republican.

Terry Smith

Central Point


Churches in many states cannot assemble in person to worship for fear of infection. States ban gatherings of large assemblies.

Fans cannot attend sporting events. Schools cannot give in-person teaching. Grieving family members are constrained from sitting at the bedside of hospitalized loved ones.

Most citizens honor the public health guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing. All of us are making some sacrifice to stem the tide of this virus. Except Donald Trump.

Instead of modeling proper behavior, he holds mass rallies with no social distancing or masks, risking super-spreader events. He throws other people’s lives under the bus to further his narcissistic need for adoration and win re-election at all costs.

Donald Trump has done more to worsen the pandemic than anyone I can think of by spreading disinformation and discounting public health. Please vote Democratic Nov. 3 as if your life depended on it. Because it might.

Bruce Van Zee, M.D.


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