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Election letters, Oct. 31

Medford: elect Spansail

It’s 2020 and Sarah Spansail knows her young kids face challenges that kids born 20 years ago did not. She has been preparing herself to create the resilient community they will need. Sarah Spansail should be your choice for Medford City Council, Ward 1.

I have known Sarah for several years. At her core is justice — what is right and fair — the essential ingredient to foster a thriving community. She has the tools to fight for it both through advocacy and process. She does not shoot from the hip. She gets in the weeds, researches the issue before her and moves the conversation to what matters. Then, in victory or defeat, she graciously and respectfully moves to the next as there is much to do.

Medford needs Sarah; vote for Sarah Spansail.

Tonia L. Moro


Vote for Paula Hyatt

I call on my fellow Ashlanders to join me in voting for Paula Hyatt for Ashland City Council position 1. Paula has demonstrated leadership and independence in her campaign, refusing to sign a misguided “pledge” or identifying as part of a “slate.”

For all the talk in the campaign about Ashland’s budget situation, no candidate can match Paula’s financial bona fides. She has been on the city’s Budget Committee for four years, the last two years as chair, and voted no on approval of the current budget.

She is incredibly smart and analytical and the epitome of good judgment. She has a talent for collating divergent viewpoints into a consensus solution and will bring leadership skills to city government at a time when it’s desperately needed. Please cast your ballot for Paula Hyatt for Ashland City Council.

Dave Kanner


Randy Sparacino for mayor

Randy Sparacino is the candidate who would make a priority of keeping our city and its citizens safe.

A mayor who has a deep understanding of the importance of law and order is crucial at this time as we can no longer take it for granted. And he is the only candidate with a proven track record in that regard, given his years as our police chief.

He has the trust of the citizens because he has spent 30 years serving the residents of Medford. He will bring new ideas and collaboration to the needs of the city. Vote for Randy Sparacino for our city’s sake.

Kathy Hathaway


Tonya Graham for mayor

As a member of a small group that meets to cope with the deep adaptation to climate change, we invited Tonya Graham in order to learn how she would respond and lead the city of Ashland to become climate- and socially resilient.

After listening to our complex, heavy-hearted questions, I was profoundly touched to receive a clearly defined vision and road map addressing Ashland’s social resilience and deep climate adaptation to our changing social and economic landscape in which we find ourselves. Tonya demonstrated compassionate leadership and empathy, and described strategies to harness the talent of our motivated citizens to promote social resilience together.

Her methodical ideas to face issues of housing, city budget, water, rising temperatures and fire were creative and collaborative. Her demeanor and presence were grounded and connective, while her thinking was strategic and innovative.

I was moved, inspired and impressed!

Faith Cohen


Wallan will defend rights

In January who could have dreamed that by the governor’s executive order, without any formal approval from Oregon’s Legislature, businesses would be forced to close, church attendance banned and citizens subject to virtual house arrest? All based on emergency powers seized by Brown and her advisers, emergency powers that were creatively interpreted and nonetheless applauded by her fellow Democrats in Salem.

Medford’s Republican Rep. Kim Wallan has continued to defend the property rights and basic civil liberties of our citizens and small-business owners. It is unconscionable that the economic devastation rained upon us was mandated by our political class, progressives whose agenda has such low regard for basic human rights, and whose exercise of raw government power is frightening.

To continue to defend our rights, Medford voters have a clear choice: return Kim Wallan as House District 6 representative.

Ben McReynolds


Vote for Tonya Graham

I had the good fortune of meeting Tonya Graham at a monthly meeting in which we explore climate change and deep adaptation.

I found her articulate, knowledgeable, grounded and well-informed. She answered our questions thoughtfully, intelligently and with depth and compassion.

It was inspiring to hear her well-defined vision for addressing our current challenges including her immediate vision for our town. I appreciated her depth of knowledge concerning resilience and adaption as we face a changing economic, social and physical landscape.

She demonstrated a command of the science, economics and climate impacts with empathy and humanity. I sensed I would breathe easier knowing she is our mayor.

I will be wholeheartedly voting for her and urge all of you to do the same.

Gloria Kastenberg


Supporting Tonya Graham

Tonya Graham kindly agreed to address our climate group recently. She had to field some very tough questions, which she did with consideration and honesty.

Nothing felt scripted. She was deeply informed on the macro and micro levels and was willing to lean into the hard dilemmas we face. Tonya has that very rare capacity to conceive both the big picture, as well as understand very precisely all the fine details needed along the way to actualize a plan of action, to both mitigate as well as adapt to climate change in our valley.

Tonya has humor, a wonderful twinkle in her eye; she is an excellent listener and an excellent communicator. Most impressive of all, she has not one ounce of pretense or hubris about her. We would be very fortunate to have her as mayor of Ashland.

Priya Huffman


Dems will address climate

If you believe that climate change is human-caused as I do, please vote for Democratic candidates from Biden/Harris down to city council candidates. Even at the local level, elected officials make many decisions that can help or hurt the effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which cause global warming.

Examples of candidates who care deeply about GHG emissions include: Senator Jeff Merkley, Jerry Allen for Senate District 2, Terrie Martin for county commissioner, Pam Marsh for House District 5, Alberto Enriquez for House District 6, Sarah Spansail for Medford City Council and Ana Byers, Derek Volkart and Jason Clark for Talent City Council.

Vote for Democratic candidates who believe in science and will work to reduce GHG emissions. GOP candidates walk out to protect polluters.

As one of the many who lost their homes to the Almeda fire, I know that climate change is the existential issue today.

Allen Hallmark


Julie Akins for mayor

Julie Akins is uniquely qualified to lead Ashland through these challenging times of COVID-19 and the Almeda fire. The fire destroyed a huge stock of nearby affordable housing, thereby compounding skyrocketing housing costs, all while COVID-19 has hammered our workforce, businesses and a city budget already stretched to the max.

Julie has shown she is the compassionate, practical leader we need. She opposed the expensive and ill-conceived City Hall remodel and has supported budget management that would address community priorities. She knows that affordability affects so many other important issues we all care about — age and economic diversity, inclusiveness, the environment, supporting young families, our schools and our workforce.

Julie has the vision, courage and experience Ashland needs!

Suzanne Frey


Democracy, not socialism

This election is not about President Trump or the Biden/Harris ticket. It is about maintaining our freedoms.

Neither person gets an A-plus for their personality, but we must look to what each person stands for. Donald Trump will continue to build the economy, increase jobs, maintain freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, Freedom of religion. President Trump could have accomplished much more if it were not for all the negative press, investigations that turned up nothing, a kangaroo house “impeachment” on false charges.

The Biden/Harris ticket will raise taxes and take away our God-given freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. My heart is heavy for our country, and I pray for our continued democracy. Remember, it is not the person but the policies we are voting for for. May God bless America.

L. Bennett

Eagle Point

Voting for Enriquez

The youth and parents of Medford deserve a state representative who will fight for the programs and bills that will positively benefit children for decades to come.

Regardless of race, gender, class, ability and sexual orientation, Medford needs a representative who wants Medford to be a welcoming place for all types of people, especially our children and teenagers. The population in Medford is continuing to grow, however, most of our young population dreams of moving out of Medford. We need to elect officials who will ensure that Medford becomes a thriving community for all young people.

Alberto Enriquez is the candidate for state representative that will help make Medford a city for all youth to thrive! This is one of the many reasons the Chun family will be voting for Alberto Enriquez for state representative in the upcoming election.

Ed, Susie and Madeline Chun


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