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Election letters, Nov 1

Sparacino for mayor

Randy Sparacino has a successful track record of leading a large organization as the Chief of the Medford Police Department, and he is the best candidate for Mayor of Medford. Having worked with Randy I know he is smart, innovative, collaborative, and sees the big picture. Randy has a diverse background serving in the military, serving as a board member for a non-profit, and on the Rogue Community College board. Randy has always stood up and served his community, and will continue to do so as Medford’s next Mayor.

Brett Johnson, retired deputy chief


Who am I?

Pleased to meet you, can you guess my name? What’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.

I am callous, cold, unfeeling, obsessed with power and adoration, racist, xenophobic, a greedy opportunist, corrupt to the core. I lack a conscience; break norms; rules, and laws with impunity; blame, scapegoat and gaslight as easily as I breathe; denigrate and humiliate anyone and everyone in my path; have no respect for military heroes nor renowned experts; incite violence and culture wars; lie, on average, 15 times a day; peddle fake conspiracy theories, irrational magical thinking and anti-scientific advice; intentionally downplay pandemics, multiplying their fatalities up to 100-fold; and undermine the vital role of the free press because I abhor oversight and accountability.

All that, and more, has convinced well over 1,000 psychologists that I am a malignant narcissist — some very esteemed ones that I am a dangerous psychopath.

Give up? Please?

Jim Wells


Graham for Ashland mayor

I am asking you to join me in voting for Tonya Graham for mayor of Ashland.

Tonya has a history of working to improve the environment and has displayed environmental leadership as executive director of the Geos Institute. Tonya is transparent as evidenced by her numerous blog postings (https://www.tonyaforashland.com/tonyas-council-blog). I don’t always agree with her positions, but I respect that she is willing to step up, take stands even when they will be controversial, and learns from her mistakes. She does her homework. She is thoroughly prepared for meetings. Most importantly, she has a collaborative approach and spirit.

In this troubled time Ashland, as well as the country, needs a leader who will bring us together, not divide us.

Rick Landt


Volkart for Talent council

While serving as a member of the Talent Planning Commission, Derek Volkart has been a strong advocate for affordable housing for the region’s working class. He has been a reliable and consistent voice in the Rogue Valley for sustainable development. Derek’s commitment to community and advocacy for affordable housing are only a couple of reasons why I support his candidacy for Talent City Council.

Talent is, and will be, undergoing a massive recovery and rebuilding effort, and he understands the housing issues facing his community. Through my community engagement, I also know that Derek recognizes climate change and extreme fires will remain a threat to communities unless addressed at all levels — including locally.

Vote for Derek Volkart for Talent City Council. Together with the candidacies of Ana Byers and Jason Clark, the people of Talent have an opportunity to vote for candidates that will unite, restore and rebuild their community.

Michael Dotson


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