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Letters, Nov. 1

Explore the CERT program

Driving down Highway 99 or Interstate 5 we are reminded of the horrific, life-changing Almeda fire on Sept. 8. The remnants are stark and tragic.

Many people lost their businesses, homes, pets, and some their lives. In speaking with friends and acquaintances who were involved, we heard over and over again, “we didn’t have time to get ready!” For some a knock on the door and told “you have 10 minutes,” or in the case of several, their home was literally on fire. Fleeing with the clothes on their backs was a reality.

How prepared are you for this scenario? Sadly, many of us are not. We have a wonderful resource in our community; the Community Emergency Response Team, (CERT). This is through our local Fire Department and training is offered to all. We are completing the training and feel confident we will be better prepared for a variety of emergency situations.

Please contact the Ashland Fire Department or the local fire station in your town and consider preparing yourself and family in the event of a disaster. It can happen to you!

Cori Frank


Agree to agree

If we can learn from tragedy, we can avoid the avoidable and prepare for the inevitable. By gaining knowledge, we can take control from chaos.

Remember, resentment is a prison. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.

Our hearts must be open to learn. Our minds must calm to listen. Only love can do that.

Forgiveness is the foundation of love. The fact that good can arise from something bad does not indemnify the bad, it proves the power of what is good.

Let us agree to agree on something and pray for unity.

Tom Espinosa


One nation, under love

No one presidential candidate is the whole answer to the quagmire of fear and anger and misinformation we find ourselves in right now. It’s up to all of us and, if there is to be a healing of this growing chasm, it can only come from the same key we all hold in our hands and hearts: a deep love for our country and for our fellow brothers and sisters in this, our (very diverse) American family.

Whenever we love and respect each other more than we fear each other, we discover resolutions.

That this is easier said than done is an understatement. But our recent fires have shown us what we can do when we respond to a crisis with loving kindness. We have learned to grieve together with our whole hearts. We are wiser now and more creative than to allow our political differences to diminish us.

This is a call to heart! For ourselves, our children and our children’s children. We can answer the call.

If not now, when?

Joel and Robin Turgesen


Anti-abortion dividends

I read a letter to the editor last Thursday in which a writer urged voters to consider the “costs associated with the anti-abortion movement.”

The primary cost we were asked to consider was based on 194,377 children being born into low-income households, instead of having their lives end through abortion. This number was then multiplied by an estimate of $131,040 to raise a child in the United States. With the writer’s assumption that “usually low income people rely on social services to help,” they concluded all taxpayers would be responsible for at least part of this $25 billion math problem.

The writer asked us to count the cost. I’d ask you to consider the dividends.

The average American earns about $3 million in their lifetime. Multiply that number by 194,377 children and you get $583 billion added to our economy. Sounds like a pretty good return on our investment, but the real dividend would be found in having 194,377 more people to love.

The Rev. Chris Smith, St. Andrew’s Church, Jacksonville


How much is a life worth?

Jan Spindler’s “Anti-abortion movement costly” letter on Thursday, Oct. 22 underestimates the value of human life by bringing it down to a dollar amount.

How many of you readers have ever thought of your life, your parents’ lives, your friends’ lives, or your co-workers’ lives in terms of a dollar amount? Now you know, because she has put a dollar sign next to that name were that person aborted. Each and every life matters!

Janet Scott


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