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Letters, Nov. 2

Face shields are not acceptable

When are companies (Walmart-Costco-Fred Meyer) going to hop on board with the state of Oregon COVID mask requirements? Last week the state said face shields are no longer an accepted form of protection, yet I still see quite a few people wearing face shields only, no mask.

The science says that face shields allow a high percentage of COVID to escape out into the air within 16 feet of the individual wearing a face shield.

On Oct. 28 while at Costco in Central Point (where a recent COVID outbreak occurred) I ran into an employee of Costco only wearing a face shield. I called Costco and complained to a manager about this and was told, “I haven’t heard of face shields not being an approved form of protection.” I also told the her that a lot of customers aren’t wearing masks. I’m sure it fell on deaf ears.

Judy Homes


Hilt liquor store

My husband and I drove to Hilt for our periodic alcohol run and were shocked to find out our liquor store no longer has staff wear face masks, cares who handles the bottles, makes customers wear masks or limits the amount of people in the store at a time. A few months ago, everyone wore a mask, bottles were carefully wiped, and a person felt as safe as one could shopping in a store.

I called the Siskiyou County Public Health Department and they transferred me to environmental health who told me it was a public health matter. I asked if this liquor store was an essential business and was told yes, but ... So be forewarned. No masks at Hilt with an uptick in COVID cases in their county. If Costco can’t control transmission, imagine what will happen at a liquor store.

Victoria Nordeen


Thanksgiving: Pay it forward

Last November there was a piece in the Tidings that caught my eye. It was entitled, “Thanksgiving — pay it forward”. In view of our genocide of Native Americans and our false belief about the first Thanksgiving, the article suggested the following: “Ask not what we are grateful for; ask how we can show our gratitude.”

What pops up for me is this: What can we do to help the present generation of Native Americans? Well, there’s just tons of need. There are Native American students here at SOU. There are thousands stuck in reservations all across the country, most in very trying circumstances. Especially in the Dakotas, where temps go below freezing, many folks must choose between heating or eating. And white men have, and continue, to rape Native American women without censure.

If you’d like to “pay it forward,” here are a few organizations that help our Native Americans: North Plains Reservation Aid, Native American Heritage Association, Native American Vets Assistance, and the Sioux National Relief.

Carola Lacy


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