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Letters, Nov. 5

Missing hats and history

During the recent re-branding festivities for the Wes Howard Memorial Sports Park, the only thing missing were 10-gallon cowboy hats that should have been worn by Medford’s leadership. Either that or a beret, as Medford’s leadership didn’t waste any time breaking out the Grumbacher 380-1 erasers to diminish Wes Howard’s legacy before any type of park was established.

I don’t think a pool full of chlorine will get rid of that stank. Also, according to RFQ 20-202, no LEEDS standards will be incorporated into the $60 million build. It seems the facility truly will be an aqua warehouse. I doubt the new mayor or council members will attempt any course correction for the planned $60 million behemoth. Maybe they should name it the Tax and Fee Payers Pool, as this is where the bulk of the funds to build it will be garnered.

Bob Shand


Patriotism after the election

Hospitals in several states are reaching capacity due to COVID, similar to New York last spring. So Trump, who just received the best health care in the world, is attacking doctors and nurses for telling the truth about the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Trump supporters chant “lock them up.”

Have you no shame, Mr. Trump?

By the time this is published, Election Day will have passed. Whatever happens, I think the next year will be a very dangerous time.

All good citizens need to exemplify civility and personal responsibility in this critical juncture. Wear masks to protect others and put a dent in COVID, because it is the patriotic thing to do! Donate monthly to rebuild housing for our neighbors.

If you are religious, say some prayers for our country. If you are Christian, choose KLOVE, not right-wing KDOV. Most of all, be ready and willing to show up and lock arms against Proud Boys, militia groups and any thugs sent out by right-wing politicians. We cannot let extremists steal public land, threaten officials, take over media outlets or create fear. Patriots need to stand by and be ready to protect American democracy.

Dan Van Dyke


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