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Letters, Nov. 8

Heroes whose names we don’t know

During these challenging election times, Americans owe gratitude to the hundreds of thousands of men and women — Republicans, Democrats and independents — who have sacrificed the comfort of a regular work week with stubborn perseverance, admirable dedication during countless hours of sorting, counting and registering each and every vote. Many of them showed courage by passing hostile demonstrators to serve us all.

America has been admired throughout the world for a long history of peaceful transition of governments. It is a matter of pride and an example of civilized people. Violence is a tool of primitive people.

It is our moral duty to honor the diligent work of each and every vote-counter and registrar to pay our heartfelt gratitude and respect for their invaluable contribution to our true democracy.

Let us not forget the hundreds of thousands pf reporters, analysts and organizers who kept us abreast during the nerve-wracking swing of vote-counting. They, too, deserve our gratitude!

We, the American people, are a vibrant country of citizens/immigrants who can prove to the world that our inheritance of cultures, races, religions and talents — no matter where they came from — can live in peace while enriching our precious nation with divine blessings!

Anita Sumariwalla


Make a difference

As a recently retired special educator I would like to weigh in on the current state of distant learning. When schools shut down in March, I believed that with social distancing, masks and near shutdown of the economy we’d squelch the virus by June.

Alas, I was naive in thinking that from the CDC to the federal and state governments we’d have a clear coherent plan to mitigate and then contain COVID-19. It has become clear to me that we are on own, the government is incapable/unwilling to bring us to consensus on this dangerous disease.

For far too many students, school is the pillar of their lives — it provides stability, predictability, food and health care.

It does not take much to make a difference — wear a mask, cool it on the social gatherings, limit your holiday exposure. Let’s renew our human commitment to society and get this virus under control, and open our schools, sports stadiums and houses of worship so that this becomes a distant memory we can bore our grand- and great-grandchildren with this story in the future.

Doug Shipley


Congrats to Walmart

I would like to congratulate the Eagle Point Walmart employee and the Eagle Point police officer who arrested the lady on Thursday who was not wearing a mask in the Eagle Point Walmart store. COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire and there is no excuse for not wearing a mask.

Hopefully other stores like Costco, Fred Meyer, WinCo and the Medford Walmarts will follow suit. Face shields are not acceptable, according to the Oregon Health Authority. Wearing your mask below your nose is not acceptable either.

Mike Pond


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