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Letters, Nov. 10

Thanks to election workers

I want to thank all people involved in our elections, especially poll workers, for helping accomplish this important part of our political system.

Thank you for helping this election cycle.

Philip Colvard


The people have spoken

The American people have spoken, and their message to President Donald Trump is loud and clear: “You’re fired!”

Kate Thomas


Proposed tax changes

As a Social Security widower, I can attest to the effect of the proposed tax impact on seniors as proposed by Joe Biden.

When a spouse dies, a senior loses a Social Security check. The home and stocks with a gain get a stepped-up market value base for tax purposes, but the exemption on the sale of the home is reduced from $500,000 to $250,000.

In my case, the stepped-up basis on my wife’s death helped, but the reduced exemption hurt when I sold years later.

Biden proposes to do away with the stepped up basis on the death of a spouse. The tax cost to senior couples will be dramatic,compounded by a capital gain tax increase. But the revenue to the Treasury is not meaningful overall. Write your congressperson in opposition to the proposed change.

John M. Moore

Eagle Point

Respect the office

As I type, it appears it will be President Biden who has stated he will be a president for all the people. Good luck with that self-mandate, Joe. Stay healthy; Kamala is abrasive and condescending. Also, beware of the 25th Amendment.

President Biden could demonstrate sincerity of his self-mandate by supporting a law that limits the Supreme Court to nine justices.

I want to encourage all opinions about Joe to be respectful.

Don’t criticize his senior moments. make fun of his Biden trot. Forget he has lost a step or two. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.

If you don’t like his decision, give an alternative. No need to attack President Biden. Example: Suppose he picks Hillary to be secretary of state. Opine that Michelle would have been a better choice. No need to point out a president’s shortcomings. Respect the office.

When Joe becomes president, I won’t call him slow. When Kamala becomes vice president, I won’t call her nasty. I will refer to them as President Biden and Vice President Harris.

I hope President Trump leaves the White House, plays lots of golf, and helps daughter Ivanka become president in 2024.

Bill Hartley


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