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Letters, Nov. 14

Thanks, commissioners

Thank-you to Jackson County Commissioners Colleen Roberts and Rick Dyer for helping to ensure that I have a job as an RN on the COVID-19 Hot Line. Because of their lack of courage to publicly urge their citizens to practice public health/science-based safety measures of mask-wearing, physical distancing and hand-washing, we will continue to see astronomical rises in COVID-19 cases in Jackson County.

Make no mistake, people are actively spreading this virus because they are not taking it seriously. This is a direct result of the commissioners not being willing to take a stand.

It is reprehensible that they put money over lives. How can businesses make money if people get sick and die? Businesses have shown how well they can adapt to changing practices and still be profitable. Roberts and Dyer would do more for the health and lives of Jackson County residents if they promoted truth and science and did not hide behind politics.

April Rosenthal, RN


Criminally negligent

I am terribly disheartened, though not surprised, to read that our county commissioners will not make a public statement asking people to wear masks in the face of the widespread surge in the county of COVID-19. (“COVID-19 surge overwhelms Jackson County contact tracers,” Nov. 11)

I never thought I would say this, but Bob Strosser appears to be the only commissioner with any sense. And he’s the one who’s leaving in January. We have one Trumper, one Trumpette, and one lame duck. God help us all! Thank you, Jim Shames, for being Jackson County’s Dr. Fauci.

This do-nothing attitude is not only shameful but criminally negligent. Next time around, vote them all out.

John Enders


Mendte was right

I’m no fan of Larry Mendte, but his Nov. 11 column was spot on with his comments about the media’s part in keeping Trump in the news.

It is not just Fox that exults in being the Trump whisperer, but also the other networks, as Mendte said, “ going from zero to apoplectic on his cue.” These other networks aren’t run by dummies, so we can only assume that they see ratings go up when networks do the “apoplectic” thing and so encourage the commentators to keep Trump’s antics the daily subject of their broadcasts.

The constant coverage of this man is largely responsible for the cult status he has acquired. So Trump isn’t the only one saying he won — the networks are going along to keep the ratings. Those of us who hope never to see Trump’s face again and are sick to death of all the “drama” will just have to watch the Hallmark channel for a few more weeks until Jan. 20.

Marcia Simon

Eagle Point

Roberts is right

I completely agree with Colleen Roberts who has said she would have preferred for the county to take a stand against the governor.

This state has ruined my business. It relies on people being able to gather for events and travel. Furthermore, the state has been irresponsible in providing timely pandemic relief to small businesses such as mine.

Gov. Brown is incompetent to lead this state on so many levels. It is a sad season indeed when our county officials have no other choice but to comply if they want to receive any relief for Jackson County. This state will be the end of myself and my business before COVID ever has the chance.

Take the stand anyway, Colleen! I’m with you! I’m certainly done complying with Brown.

John R. Fairrington


Transition tan-Trumps

Trump has assumed squatter’s rights to deny the president-elect, Joe Biden, an opportunity for an orderly transition to his well-earned and legitimate assumption of the presidency come Jan. 20, 2021. Trump’s wild, unsubstantiated assertions of election fraud, or “irregularities,” provide his only justification.

Of course, he had already primed his coterie of gullible, MAGA-luddite Trump zombies for his childish whimper-storm by insisting that the only way the Democrats could win would be by cheating. Naturally, the flat-earthers cheered, because they have drunk the Kool-aid and believe any incoherent nonsense uttered by their fuhrer.

These true believers are living in such fear of white folks being politically sidelined by the brown people and “furriners,” the rich ones so dreading they might have to pay higher taxes, i.e., their fair share, that they prefer Putinesque autocracy over representative democracy. Such reactionaries have never been proponents of democracy unless they could imagine themselves in charge, even when their proxy must be a compulsively vulgar man-baby.

Their prepubescent leader has created a quagmire, not drained one, always attempting to burn solid traditions to the ground, now in a childish attempt to avoid legitimate, well-deserved eviction.

Gary R. Collins


Trump’s following

Knowing that a man like Donald Trump has such a following is depressing. Everything is all about him. Yet some people I respect think he’s wonderful.

Now the country’s overwhelmed with the virus that could and should have been better controlled. It wasn’t to be with Trump as president.

There is promise of better days in the White House. However, will we truly be the United States of America again with Trump and followers lurking in the background?

Mary Ann Johnson


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