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Letters, Nov. 15

Roberts doesn’t care

Here in Jackson County we are in a critical time of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Our case numbers are skyrocketing, and now exceed many counties of similar size in the Northwest. Clearly, the only way out is to all work together to implement public health guidance: mask wearing, social distancing, limiting business occupancy and social gatherings.

Against this backdrop, County Commissioner Colleen Roberts refuses to promote Health Department recommendations, and instead would like us all to take vitamins to boost our immune systems. This recommendation will likely be followed by those promoted by her now-defeated idol: hydroxycholoroquine, and Chlorox inhalers.

Adding this to her promotion of a “Faith and Freedom” rally at the start of the pandemic, and other recent comments, shows us that she really doesn’t care about the collective well-being of Jackson County residents. Put bluntly: If you are unlucky enough to be susceptible to the virus, she does not care what happens to you. I hope we all remember this when she is up for re-election in 2022.

Tom Pratum


Dereliction of duty

As reported in the Mail Tribune, County Administrator Danny Jordan asked the county commissioners if they would support public service announcements advocating public health measures to address the pandemic which is surging in Jackson County. Commissioner Roberts flatly rejected the Idea, suggesting vitamin therapy as a substitute. Commissioner Dyer waffled, saying that he would support a statement supporting county workers.

What were those evidently controversial measures? Face masks, physical distancing, hand washing and avoiding large groups, especially indoors, are the basic suggestions of public health officials. This was just too much heavy lifting for Commissioners Roberts and Dyer.

In Jackson County, hospitalizations are climbing, kids and teachers are in online schooling, unemployment is up, many businesses are struggling and most important of all people are dying. A refusal to openly support public health measures is not a part of any coherent political philosophy, but merely a self-indulgent act of those who have put their irrational beliefs ahead of the welfare of the county.

The actions of Commissioners Roberts and Dyer represent a dereliction of duty. If they can’t act in the counties’ best interests, they should resign and make way for more responsible commissioners.

Ken Chapman


Stop burying COVID numbers

It’s time for the Mail Tribune to stop burying Jackson County’s COVID-19 numbers and get them back on the front page.

As I write this we’ve had 123 new cases in one day! Most people seem to be good about wearing masks in stores, but I’m afraid bars, restaurants and private gatherings are probably driving our numbers up. Fortunately the death toll is still low but it won’t be for long, at this rate.

We need a daily reminder that people need to be vigilant and help protect others from serious illness and possible death. The longer we ignore this, the longer our local economy is going to suffer.

Grover Gardner


Supporting Roberts

I wish to express my support for County Commissioner Colleen Roberts for her stand against the “mandatory regulations” regarding the wearing of masks here in Jackson County.

Our county commissioners and our county sheriff are our first line of defense of our constitutional and civil rights. It is my personal opinion, and not mine alone, that our governor has overstepped her powers regarding this issue.

Bob Batte


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