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Letters, Nov. 16

Poor decision-making

Colleen Roberts and Robert Dyer need to make more constructive decisions. They are obstinately making hurtful and misguided statements and policies.

In the face of overwhelming evidence, they show no inclination to make data-based decisions. Their decision-making model is no longer acceptable and is severely flawed. Jackson County residents should have representatives that base decisions on data and not on personal whims and wishes.

No one likes the restrictions, but COVID-19 is a disease that is attacking us all. We need to contain the virus in any way we can. We need to protect families and businesses as much as we can. Small steps really do help.

It is painfully obvious that the “no mask freedom” movement is a dangerous response to this virus. It would be better if our commissioners would take steps to protect us all.

Help yourself; help your neighbor; wear a mask!

Paul Fisher


Fox News helped Trump

So, the election was close. It should have been a landslide for Biden since his opponent is an habitual liar and cheat. Trump wouldn’t have fared so well without Fox News; they are soul mates.

A number of years ago there was a study done on bias in the media. The results of the study were published in Scientific American magazine.

The results showed that Fox News showed bias twice as often as other news outlets. Fox News is the Republican propaganda channel; very much like Russian or Chinese news. Many of Fox News’ staff have joined the Trump administration. What does that tell you?

As my 95-year-old father-in-law used to say, “Fox News will poison your brain.” There are many other sources of news out there, folks. Look around and give ’em a try. And for God’s sake and the sake of our country, please don’t buy into the conspiracy trash on the internet.

Tim Church


Bless 911 dispatchers

Did you know that the very first link in the chain of first responders is often forgotten? It is the 911 dispatcher! Where would we be without that “invisible” first responder?

That reassuring voice answering our 911 call is a godsend to us! Calm, focused, well-trained professionals stand ready to come to our aid during horrific times in life.

Daily stress takes its toll on these brave, dedicated men and women — emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Chaplains and counselors will attest to that!

This job requires prioritizing, and multi-tasking in the extreme! At Medford’s Emergency Dispatch Center, each dispatcher cubicle contains nine computer screens and four keyboards, of which one keyboard is primarily used.

The dispatcher first records the “where” of the emergency, so help can be sent to that location should the call disconnect. Additional information is then obtained to aid the first responders at the scene. Sometimes, dispatchers must instruct callers in giving first aid prior to the arrival of help.

It truly takes a “calling” for this profession, and it is a gift that the rest of us simply do not have.

May God bless each dispatcher! And thank you!

Jacqueline S. Glynn


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