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Letters, Nov. 17

Trump’s exit

Those who think Trump will leave office without dire consequences have never had to get a toddler out of ChuckECheese.

Trump lives for revenge and he will take his revenge from us. His placement of sycophants in military positions makes me think that he is planning a coup or an attack on an unsuspecting victim.

I hope not. But who would stop him? All the real Republicans like John McCain who had ideas about governance are gone.

Maybe there is yet an adult in the room who is not intimidated by the pompous bully who will take Donny’s hand and say “Come on, the game is over. Time to go home.” If not, God help us.

Mary Ellen Gordian


County commissioners

I was pleased to see the editorial that called out the commissioners who refused to publicly back wearing a face mask. It shows clearly how politicized they have become in their overall service to all residents of Jackson County.

Until we can vote to make the office non-political we will be governed by well-funded Republicans. This current show of support for their leader is just one example.

Joan Dean


Wearing masks

What a shame to learn that we have two Jackson County commissioners who are not willing to support our local Health Department and our Oregon Health Authority, as well as the epidemiologists who have spent their lives dealing with communicable disease and epidemics/pandemics. Not to mention the education they have, which I am guessing neither Colleen Roberts nor Rick Dyer have.

I wish they would take a long look at their reason for not wanting to encourage the citizens of Jackson County to wear masks, social distance and wash hands.

The COVID virus lives in the nose and mouth of infected persons. The virus literally “flies” out the mouth when talking, sneezing, coughing, laughing, singing, breathing, yelling. A mask helps to reduce the amount of virus that propels out of the mouth. The mask and keeping a distance from others reduces the chance of people in the room becoming infected.

It is simple, so I am hoping they will reconsider their position and gladly do their part in our desperate need to control spread. If we control the cases, the businesses and schools can be open.

Lois Dodson

Central Point

Abandonment of responsibility

Frustration! Despair! Two of our county commissioners, Rick Dyer andColleen Roberts, will not support Public Health science and Public Health staff by participating in a simple public announcement which would reinforce COVID mitigation behaviors — behaviors that would help protect their constituents!

Already overwhelmed, this must be despairing to our Public Health staff. The commissioners don’t even pretend to “have their backs.”

To Commissioner Dyer: A public endorsement of science-based behaviors are not state regulations. General messaging is not only unclear, it is a wink and a nod to those who display risky behaviors. He is abandoning his charge to protect all of us.

To Commissioner Roberts: If her comments in the Thursday article are accurate, she is guilty of willful ignorance. And, she stated, “I am not going to do that.” Do tell, why not?

To the two of them: Just what don’t they “get?” Months of consistent public health investigation, tracking, research and messaging, and they still can’t support simple mitigation behaviors?

The two of them should try being part of the solution rather than a proponent of the problem.

Masks. Hand hygiene. Social distancing. Hardly a big lift.

D. Broussard, retired RN

Shady Cove

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