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Letters, Nov. 20

Disappointed in library

I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the Medford Library. Without any notice to us, the patrons, they decided on Friday to close their doors except for books on hold.

The decision of the governor is closure on Wednesday, Nov. 18, not Friday.

Therefore several of us went Friday to get books to give us comfort and reading material through the next two weeks, to find the door closed except to those who have books on hold. We have books on order but they presently are not on hold.

This is just one more frustration to add to our mental status and in hopes of having some sense of normalcy through this continued virus crisis.

Shame on the Medford Library.

Alice Thomsen


Thanks for guest opinion

I’m responding to the guest opinion of Nov. 8 by Laz Ayala: “Don’t call me Latinx, I’m a Latin American.” I agreed with this headline.

When I first saw “Latinx,” I felt humiliated. There is no reason for this new label.The official language here is English, and it has no gender associated with words ending in a vowel or other letter, there is a difference in Spanish. “La mesa,” “la silla,” meant female, ending in A, associated with female gender. “El cuchillo,” “el telefono,” are male, ending in O, associated with male gender. This is not an issue in English. Translations of those words are: “the table” “the chair,” “the knife,” “the phone” — we see none of them associated with gender.

In English we are not Latina or Latino; those are Spanish words. In English we are Latin Americans. In USA are groups of people known as African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, North Americans, and people south of the border are Latin Americans, even those who are now living in this country. Correctly, please don’t call me Latinx, I’m a Latin American. Thank you, Laz Ayala, for bringing up this issue to the opinion page.

Maria-Cristina Page (Born in Bolivia, arrived in 1972, American since 1983)


Circle K

Who really needs another small store and gas station on East McAndrews Road? Great view for Bonaventure residents. Lovely opportunity to increase the danger of more traffic congestion at Springbrook and McAndrews.

There are three gas stations and four grocery stores within five minutes of each other. Medford has many other areas needing a Circle K. Get it out of our neighborhood and place it near your house. Better yet, let’s put it to a vote by the folks the City Council represents. It’s our decision because we pay property tax and value our homes enough to maybe make sure this project never gets finished. Ya think?

Rick Boyd


Enough said

Our dear leader retweeted video containing the statement, “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

I rest my case.

Gail Ahrens


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